Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Holliman History by Walter O. Holliman, Part III

by Glenn N. Holliman

This is the third in a series of a history of the Holliman family written by Walter O. Holliman in 1995 and edited in 1996.  

Please refer to previous posts in order to understand the sequencing of these pages.  Walt continues sharing his research on the Holliman family that came to Virginia in 1650.  The Samuel Holliman below is believed by several serious Holliman genealogists, including this writer, to be the son of Richard Holliman and father of James Grantson Holliman (1750-1836).  Walt assigned Samuel to the Thomas Holliman line, and he admitted below his ambiguity over the issue.

It is hoped the above pages are useful for those who do not have this research.  This closes our presentation of Walt's 1995 publication.  In the next posting, we shall read of his 1996 conclusions and research beginning with Samuel Holliman (1707-1789), the believed father of James Grantson Holliman.

Obviously, much has happened in family research since Walt typed these words.  If you see any errors or material that should be challenged or enlarged, please let us know.  

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