Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Holliman History by Walter O. Holliman, Part IV

by Glenn N. Holliman

This is the fourth in a series of a history of the Holliman family written by Walter O. Holliman (1927 - 2003) in 1995 and reworked by him in 1996.  

In this posting of a manuscript written in 1996, Walt labels this chapter as Generation One choosing to begin his Holliman family history with Samuel Holliman (1707-1789).  Walt was uneasy about the accuracy of his information on Christopher Holyman, Sr. and other early Hollimans in Virginia.  As I have pointed out in early blogs, he had reason be concerned about the veracity of information he had gathered on Holymans in the early to late 1600s.

Some of the material Walt presents below concerning the origins of Hollymans in America has been superceded by new research.  However, in this story there could be some tid bits that could yet lead us in new paths of genealogical research.

Walt provides valuable research on Samuel Holliman's real estate dealings in North Carolina.  On page three, Walt states one Elizabeth Jones, born Isle of Wight, was a wife of Samuel Holliman.  This is the first time I have seen such information and welcome comment on it.

As I have written extensively, I believe the Hollimans emerged from a family in Bedford and Buckingham Shires, England with Christopher Holyman, Sr. (1618-1691) arriving in Jamestown in 1650.  My descendant, in my opinion, is through Richard Holyman (1660s ca - 1711), a son of Christopher, Sr., through Samuel Holliman (1707-1789) and on to James Grantson Holliman (1750-1836).  Still, it is fascinating to study Walt O. Holliman's manuscript and reflect on what adds to our genealogical picture and challenges our perceptions. 

Above in Walt's own handwritting and type is his research on Holliman land sales in Johnston County, North Carolina in the 1700s.  This is valuable for those seeking North Carolina roots.

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