The Walter O. Holliman Manuscripts and Research Materials

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Walt O. Holliman’s Family History Manuscripts and Research on Holliman and Associated Families

Family History Writings, Books and Manuscripts

Maps by States
-        Alabama
-        Maryland
-        North Carolina
-        South Carolina
-        Tennessee
-       Virginia
-       Scotland
State Folders of Research Materials
-        Alabama
-        Mississippi
-        North Carolina
-        South Carolina
-        Tennessee
-        Virginia
Family Trees
Census Records

Introduction - During the 1980s and 1990s, Walt O. Holliman (1927 – 2003), a descendant of the English Holymans of the 15th Century, worked diligently at his Alabama home researching and writing papers on his ancestors.  In autumn 2011, his children, to whom we should all be grateful, shipped me his boxes of materials for review.  During the early winter of 2012, I worked at cataloguing and studying Walt’s incredible collection, which he largely put together before the Internet age.

What follows is a compilation of his work and genealogical library.  His family history manuscripts,  over 50 of them, are remarkable.  In the family history, map and research folders, one will find research with hundreds of photocopies of wills, deeds, marriages and histories that pertain to the larger Holliman family and Walt’s earlier families. 

I want to make this material available as my time and resources permit.  I am happy to provide details of the materials (greater than my cursory explanations below) and answer all inquiries. 

Walt and his children wanted to share this material.  That is what I hope to do in the time left to me with the papers safely filed away in my barn library.  After that, the Walt O. Holliman collection, my own papers and perhaps others will find an appropriate repository and not be lost, as has so much work in decades past, in some uncaring relative's attic or worse, an incinerator.

If you are wondering what to do with old photographs, letters, scrapbooks and papers, please contact me. – Glenn N. Holliman at

The Family History Manuscripts and Research of Walter O. Holliman

Walt Holliman wrote fifty-four family manuscripts, histories if you will, and researched another forty-eight families!  Most manuscripts are ‘polished’ and carefully annotated.  A few are draft copies that he never finished.  What follows is in alphabetical order.  Some manuscripts such as the Hollimans, Davidsons, Wilsons and Smiths are lengthy.  Others are not.  Walt did not duplicate work by others such as the Bryan family for example. Works on some families by other authors can be found in the book section. Names listed in red have manuscripts prepared by Walt.  To order by email scanned manuscripts, please email

Alexander Family – 80 pages approximately of manuscript and two large binders of research materials of Walt's wife's family from Tennessee. This manuscript has been scanned and can be emailed.
 Baldwin FamilyOne page of research
Barham Family – Isle of Wight, VA deeds research
Bass Family – Surry Co., VA and Union Co., SC records research
Beall or Bell Family – Approximately 60 pages of manuscript and some 30 pages of research materials; two manuscripts have been scanned and can be emailed.
Blakeney Family – 100 pages of manuscript; these manuscripts (3) have been scanned and can be emailed.
 Bond Family – Odds and ends research
Bostick Family – Several pages of research
Brewer Family – Maryland papers research
Bryan Family – 20 pages of manuscript, large binders and notebook of research by names of Bryan Family of Tennessee, Mississippi Territory and Pickens Co., Alabama; three manuscripts have seen scanned and can be emailed.
Bullock Family – Two pages on S.C. family research
Calvert Family – Photocopies of articles of research
Carter Family – Surry Co., SC research photocopies
Champion Family - Seven page manuscript of an early Isle of Wight and Surry Co., Virginia family that married into the Beall family; manuscript has been scanned and can be emailed.
Chew Family – Maryland and Virginia research records
Cole Family – One medium binder of research
Crafford Family – Three pages of research
Crockett Family – One large binder of research
Curtis Family – 11 pages of manuscript and research of census records; manuscript scanned and ready for emailing.
 Dale Family – A few papers of research
Daniel Family – A photocopy and research notes
Davidson Family plus Index– 101 pages  of manuscript plus massive research binders on Walter O. Holliman’s maternal family; manuscript ready for emailing - has Bryan, Champion, Curtis, Egerton, Emerson, Guyton, Hawkins, Judkins, Love, McKnight, Petite, Petway, Smith, Wallace, Whiteaker and other ancestors.
 Davies Family – 6 pages manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
 De Mallpas Family – 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Davies Family – Extensive research notes; scanned and ready for emailing.
Douglas FamilyTwo page manuscript and basically research copies of Scottish newsletters from 1990s
Duckett Family – A Maryland family not directly related to Hollimans, photocopies of research
 Fitzhugh Family – 2 pages of research
 Edwards Family – 8 pages approximately of manuscript and research  photocopies from Virginia including Surry County; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Egerton Family – 40 pages approximately of manuscriptMassive folder full of notes and photcopies; scanned and available for emailing.
Emerson Family -2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Evans Family – Isle of Wight, Virginia research materials
Fitzhugh Family - 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Fowlehurst Family 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Gaines Family – Tennessee family research
Garrison, Gilkey, Godfrey and Gonson Families – limited research material
Gonson Family  - 2 pages of manuscript
 Graves Family – 30 pages of manuscript and a massive research folder of photocopies and some notes; scanned and ready for emailing.
Gray FamilySix pages of manuscript and individual folders of research and photocopies of Grays of Virginia, N.C., S.C., KY and Alabama, hundreds of pages; manuscript only scanned and ready for emailing.
Guyton Family – 77 pages of manuscript and two hundred research pages of records, notes and photocopies; manuscript only scanned and ready for emailing.
 Hall Family – 3 pages of manuscipt; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Hamby and Hill Families –limited research
Hart Family – Surry County, Virginia court records and personal research notes
Hawkins Family – 35 pages approximately of manuscript and several hundred pages of photocopies covering four states; scanned and ready for emailing.
 Hendrix Family – 20 pages approximately of manuscript and research photocopies of wills and personal notes, not in order: manuscript scanned and ready for emailing.
 Holliman Family – over 200 pages of manuscript, many duplicates.  Research is extensive and included in the appendix. This manuscript is available for emailing.  Contact
Holt Family – Research including Nabors and Ogg
Howard Family – 20 pages approximately of manuscript and perhaps 50 pages of notes; scanned and ready for emailing.
Jackson Family – personal research notes and manuscript on Rushing family
Judkins Family – 15 pages approximately of manuscript and many research pages of notes; Scanned and ready for emailing.
Love Family – 5 pages of manuscript and research records and photocopies; scanned and ready for emailing.
Maget, McJunkin and McComas FamiliesSeveral pages of research on each family
Mansfield Family – 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
Manwaring Family 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
McBee Two pages of manuscript and one page of research; scanned and ready for emailing.
McCurdy  Family – Two pages of research
McKnight Family Two page manuscript of family history; scanned and ready for emailing.
Moore Family Two pages of manuscript and a research binder, at least fifty pages of photocopies, many of Surry and Southampton County, Virginia records; scanned and ready for emailing.
Newsome Family – Research of Surry County and Virginia records
Nicholson Family – Three pages of manuscript and research of Virginia Colonial Abstracts for James City; scanned and ready for emailing.
Norsworthy Family – five pages of research
Noyall Family – Surry County, NC records research including Holliman
O’Dell Family – 58 pages of manuscript and a large binder of research material; scanned and ready for emailing.
Oliver Family – 67 pages of manuscript and a large research file; scanned and ready for emailing.
Pearce or Peerce Family 18 pages of manuscript and a large file of research; scanned and ready for emailing.
Pettigrew – 20 or so pages of research
Petway Family9 page manuscript and Surry County, VA and Granville Co., N.C. research records; scanned and ready for emailing.
Pitman Family – Records from Surry Co. include Holliman research
Porten and Plow Families – Some limited research
Prather Family – Maryland family, limited research
Petite Family – 18 pages of manuscript and fifty pages at least of research; scanned and ready for email
Peerce (Pearce) Family - A 12 page manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing
Ridgely Family – 42 pages with duplication of manuscript and over 100 pages of research including Maryland records; scanned and ready for emailing.
Riggan Family – 18 pages of manuscript with massive file on this Monroe, Mississippi family; over 100 pages of photocopies of records from Virginia and Maryland Counties. Many personal notes all in a brown large folder.  Manuscript scanned and ready for emailing.
Roberts Family – 49 pages manuscript with a very large file (5 inches); scanned and ready for emailing.
Smith Family – 106 pages of manuscript and research on  Jonathan and Henry Smith with  photocopies of wills and estates; scanned and ready for emailing.
Spencer Family – 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
Sprigg Family 19 pages of manuscript plus search of  Maryland photocopies of records, perhaps 75 pages; scanned and ready for emailing.
Standley Family 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
Stanyard Family – S.C. wills research
Swan Family – One page of research notes
Strother Family – Research of Virginia records and personal notes
Thompson Family – Three pages of manuscript and research notes and census of 1790 in South Carolina; scanned and ready for emailing.
Thornton Family 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
Thorpe Family - a few pages of Southampton Co., VA marriage records
Trelawney Family 2 pages of manuscript; scanned and ready for emailing.
Turpin Family – Research photocopies of Maryland wills
Underhill Family – One research page of Maryland families
Underwood Family – A few research items
Wallace Family – 5 pages of manuscript and several research pages including a 1965 history of the family; scanned and ready for emailing.
Walters Family – 20 page manuscript and research photocopies and notes; scanned and ready for emailing.
Williams Family – Three page manuscript and three research pages of photocopies; scanned and ready for emailing.
Wilmot Family – Two page manuscript and South Caroline research  records including history of state senate; scanned and ready for emailing.
Whitaker Family – 18 page draft manuscript and large binder of notes and materials; scanned and ready for emailing.
Whitherspoon Family - Research photocopies and some personal notes
Whitten Family, Bible and Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Roles – 59 pages of manuscript and a larger binder of materials plus the Whitten and Wilson Family Bible including the Sunday School Record Book, Wesley Chapel Methodist Church, Fayette County, AL, 1851-1878. Scanned and ready for emailing.
Wilson Family – over 200 pages of manuscripts, many duplicates of this South Carolina and Alabama family.  These manuscripts have been scanned and can be emailed.

Appendix to Holliman Family Folders
1.      1990s Photocopy of National Directory of U.S. A. Hollimans, over 1,100
2.     1836 Handwritten Deed Records for Hollimans who settled in Fayette Co., Alabama
3.     1993 National Directory of Social Security Records of Hollimans who Died 1865 – 1992
4.     1999 Family Search Records of Christopher Holliman, Sr. forward – reflects knowledge at that time
5.     1865 et al, Students of James Franklin Holliman, Fayette Co., Alabama – two pages covering several decades
6.     1865 List of Fellow Prisoners of war at Johnson’s Island, Ohio with Lt. James Franklin Holliman
7.     1839 Land Patent for Fayette Co., Alabama, Charles Holliman
8.     1997 ca Family Group Sheet of Bryan Walter Holliman and wife, Debra Lee Dillman & News Clipping of Bryan W. Holliman and Debra Dillman marriage
9.     1999 Downloaded approximately 50 sheets of Holliman Names – some personal notes on individual sheets – reflects state of knowledge at the time
10.  1999 Downloaded approximately 20 sheets of Holliman Names from Family Search – reflects knowledge of the time; some personal notes
11.   1800 Census, Mecklenburg Co., NC, p 588 –data on James Grantson Holliman with some personal notes
12.  2000 Email Listing Lineage of Nora Leona Holliman 2 pages
13.  Fayette Co., Alabama photocopied land deeds from 1871 to 1903 for Warren Holliman, Elijah Holliman and James Franklin Holliman- approximately 25 pages, mainly Warren Holliman deeds
14.  19th Century Fayette Co.,  Alabama Marriage licenses for J.F. Holliman (2), J.T. Holliman, James Holliman, F.M. Holliman, Sidney W. Holliman, William James Holliman, L. A. Holliman, Warren Holliman, J.F. Holliman, W.B. Holliman, Daisy Holliman, J.W. Holliman and Barberry Holliman
15.  Photocopies of Warren Holliman’s Civil War Record
16.  Photocopies of Elijah Holliman’s Civil War Record
17.  Photocopies of Cornelius Holliman’s Civil War Record
18.  Copy of Fayette Co., Alabama Marriage Index of Hollimans
19.  Copy of Hollimans and Hocutts 1907 Confederate Soldiers Residing Fayette Co., Alabama
20. Chapel Hill Cemetery, Fayette Co., Alabama list of Hollimans and Richardsons
21.  Hand written Patent and Deed Records for Charles, Cornelius, Warren, John T. and Elijah Holliman, Fayette Co., Alabama 1836 – 1887 – 5 pages
22. Photocopy of page 1 of History of Newtonville and its pioneers Citizens by Buren Sullivan (Holliman story)
23. Copied Census Records of Hollimans from 1787 in NC via SC to Alabama 1920. Informative; check before visiting census records.  Walt has done the work for us.
24. Copies of Social Security Death Index for Grace Holliman and Walter Holliman
25. Clippings from Birmingham News of Jim Holliman, 1998, and obit Charles Holliman, 2000
26. Notes from 1994 Telephone Conversation with Dr. Charles Holliman – seems to trace line from Samuel Holliman 1709 – 1789
27.  Photocopy of Holliman pages from Genealogy of Dodson and Allied Families by S. Emmett Lucas, Jr.
28.  List of James Grantson’s (1750 – 1836) real estate holdings in North Carolina and photocopies of deeds, personal notes and lists from South Carolina and North Carolina – somewhat difficult to read
29. March 24, 1994 Statement by Dr. Charles Holliman that James of Anson, NC/Lancaster SC was son of Samuel of Dobbs-Johnston-Wayne Counties, NC and built first house in Rocky Mount,  NC.
30. 1982 Alton Gray Holloman, Sr of Raleigh, NC biography 1830s Land Grant Records of Fayette Co., Alabama
31.  1830s Land Grant Records of Fayette Co., Alabama
32. Short biographies on Warren, Elijah and Cornelius Holliman

Family History Writings, Books and Manuscripts
1.      Photocopy “The Smith/Smyth Family in America” by Cecil B. Smyth, Jr. – 1996 99 page document of the Smiths in Virginia.  Includes personal notes by Walter Holliman and family records

2.     Photocopy “The Smith Cousins Four” by Zula Wood Atwood, Frank L. Eddens, Jr., Mildred Smith Shumaker and Guy R. Smith, Jr. in 1987 –some Smiths married into the Guyton family, 83 pages

3.     Photocopy “Some Descendants of Joseph and Hannah Whitaker Guyton, 3rd edition by Guyton B. McCall, Atlanta, GA 2000 – over 100 pages of ancestors of the Walter O. Holliman family

4.     Photocopy “Whitfield, Bryan, Smith, and Related Families, Book 2 by Bryan Smith – no date of publication but professional published, over 50 pages

5.     Typed Manuscript possibly by Walter O. Holliman of the Egerton Family – overe 60 pages

6.     Walt O. Holliman’s Master Notebook on Holliman and 54 Associated Families – indexed, personal notes, cover sheets – over 400 pages; start here for research

7.     The Charles, Warren and Moses J. Holliman Families by Walt O. Holliman, for Fayette County Heritage Committee Book – 7 pages, excellent piece

8.     Photocopy of Kegley’s Virginia Frontier in binder

9.     Heraldry for the American Genealogist, National Genealogical Society, 1959, two copies

10.  The Development of Early Emigrant Trails in the US East of the Mississippi River by Marcus W. Lewis, National Genealogical Society, 1987, reprint from 1933

11.   Passports Issued by Governors of Georgia, 1810 – 1820, National Genealogical Society by Wm. H. Dumont, 1964

12.  The Heritage of Pickens County,  Alabama, Heritage Publishing, Clanton, AL 1999 – three articles written by Walt O. Holliman

13.  The Heritage of Fayette County, Alabama, Heritage Publishing, Clanton, AL 1999

14.  The Bryans of Leake County, Mississippi by Jerry K. Bryan, 1998

15.  Photocopies of part of Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia by Lyman Chalkley, 1965 - several hundred pages

16.  Photocopy of Maryland and Virginia Colonials, Genealogies of Some colonial Families by Sharon J. Doliante – deals mainly with the O’Dell family

17.  Binder with Hawkins Families materials

18.  The Heritage of Lamar County, Alabama, Heritage Publishing, Clanton,  Alabama 2000

19.  The Community of Kennedy, Alabama by Mary Davis Elmore, 1995

20. Christian County, Kentucky, Historical and Biographical by William Henry Perrin, 1993 reprint from 1884

21.  Salem Presbyterian church, Cherokee County, South Carolina by Broad River Basin Historical Society, 1992

22. The Spear and the Spindle, Ancestors of Sir Francis Bryan by T. A. Fuller 1993

23. Records of Choctaw Trading Post, St. Stephen’s, Mississippi Territory, 1803-1824, two volumes by Jean Strickland and Patricia N. Edwards, 1984 & 1990

24. Washington County, Mississippi Territory 1803-1816 Tax Rolls by Ben and Jean Strickland, 1980

25. John Alexander by Wesley E. Pippenger, Gateway Press, 1990

26. Alexander Kin, Vol. II by Charles C. Alexander and Virginia W. Alexander, Southern Historical Press, 1990

27.  This History of Pickens County, Alabama by J.F. Clanahan, Clanan Publication, 1964

28. Colony of North Carolina, 1735 – 1764, Abstracts of Land Patents by Margaret M. Hofmann, Roanoke News Publishers, 1982

29. The Scrapbook, A Compilation of Historical Facts about Laurens County, South Carolina

30. The Source, A Guidebook of American Genealogy, Arlene Eakle and Johni Cerny, Ancestry Publishing, 1984

31.  The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy by Val. D Greenwood, Genealogical Publishing 1990

32. The Handy Book for Genealogist, US of American, 8th Edition, 1991

33. Pioneers and Residents of West Central Alabama Prior to the Civil War by Madege Pettie, Heritage Books, 1988

34. Tracing your Ancestry by F. Wilbur Helmbold, Oxmoor Publishing, 1988

35. In Search of your British and Irish Roots by Angus Baxter, 1991

36. Researching in Alabama, A genealogical Guide by Maryln Davis Barefield 1988

37.  Evidence,  A Special Issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1999

38. Cite Your Sources by Richard S. Lackey, 1980

39. Netting Your Ancestors, Genealogical Research on the Internet by Cyndi Howells, 1997

40. Genealogy Online for Dummies, 1998

41.  How to Write and Publish Your Family Book, 1999

42. Evidence, Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth S. Mills, 1997

43. The English Heritage by Frederic A. Young, Jr, Henry L. Synder and E. Reitan, 1998, 2nd Edition

44. Cemetery Roster of Bullock’s Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, Hickory Grove, SC 1993

45. Photocopy of parts of The Cradle of the Republic by Lyon Gardiner Tyler, 1906

   46. The First Seventeen Years, Virginia, 1607-1624 by Charles E. Hatch, Jr., 1957

   47. Virginia, 1584 – 1607, edited by Alan Smith

  48. Photocopy of partial Jamestown and Her Neighbors by J. Davis

  49.  Photocopy of partial The Conquest of Virginia, the Second Attempt by Conway Whittle Sams, 1929

  50.  2001 Samford University Genealogical Conference for Alabama – useful teachings

  51.   Women and the Law of Property in Early American by Marylynn Salmon, photocopy

  52. The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, selected Photocopies, 1895

  53. Gabriel Jones (1724-1806) and Some of his Descendant by Stuart E. Brown, Jr. - a one    hundred page manuscript with pictures   

Maps – Walter O. Holliman purchased and copied many maps in his research.  These, some very important, are in the collection.

 Alabama Maps
1.      1989 Alabama Department of the Interior, US Geological Survey – shows locations in yellow of Holliman, Wilson, Bryan and Blakeney quadrant locations.
2.     1980s era commercial road map of Fayette and Fayette County, Alabama –notations of original family settlements in Newtonville area.
3.     1984 Township-Range Working Model, four sheets of Monroe County, Alabama – pencil notations of Davidson family plots
4.     1984 Township-Range Working Model, two sheets of Lamar County, Alabama– pencil notations of Davidson family plots
5.     1980s County map of Lamar County, Alabama photocopied – limited value as no markings of family locations
6.     1980s County map of Monroe County, Mississippi photocopied – has pencil notations of family locations and cemeteries
7.     1982Genereal Highway map of Monroe county, Mississippi – no notations
8.     1980s maps of West Alabama showing Bryan, Davidson, Sizemore, Blakeney, Holliman, Wilson and Self family locations – of value
9.     1980s County Road map of Pickens County, Alabama –limited value as no notations
10.  1984 Highway and Tax map of Itawamba County, Mississippi – large detailed map
11.   1980s County Map composite of Lamar, Itawamba and Monroe Counties showing family plots – valuable notations
12.  1822 – 1834 six photocopied historical maps of Alabama showing early rivers and counties – large, interesting reproductions
13.  1850 photocopied maps of Alabama, five sections
14.  1990 Highway map of Fayette County, Alabama – no notations
15.  1980s photocopied Highway map of Monroe County, Mississippi with close up notations of Riggins and Carter Cemeteries
16.  1980s photocopied Highway map of Monroe County, Mississippi with justice districts and notations of families
17.  Notes and hand written maps for Blakeney and Richardson homesites in Fayette Co.
18.  1980s Highway Map of Fayette County by Alabama
19.  1991 Pickens County, Alabama General Highway Map
20. 1990s Close up Photocopies with Property Squares Worksheet of Fayette County, Alabama – personal notes on Wilson and Blakeney families
21.  Photocopy close up parts of Pickens County,  Alabama
22. Large General Highway Maps of Lamar Co.,  Alabama
23.  General Highway Map of Sumter Co., Alabama 1991
24. Alabama County Map

Maryland Maps
1.      General Highway Map, Large, 1994 Baltimore Co., Maryland
2.     18th Century Photocopy of Upper Chesapeake Bay and Delaware
3.     1996 General Highway Map of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland  - yellow markings for O’Dell, Howard and other families
4.     1990s General Highway Maps of Harford, Calvert, Prince Georges, Somerset, Charles and Cecil Counties, Maryland – some with notes
5.     Photocopies of 1920s era drawings of Maryland and Chesapeake Plantations with Identifications – some personal notes and locations of families
6.     Photocopies of modern Highway Maps of Lower Maryland, West Shore – some notations

North Carolina Maps
1.      1789 photocopied map of Mecklenburg, County, North Carolina – some yellow coloring of property locations

 South Carolina Maps
1.      Photocopied Union District 1825 – a personal circle locating Guyton family site
2.     Photocopied stream and road maps of York County, SC – one appears 19th century, and one 20th century
3.     1990 Color Map of York Co. and York City, SC
4.     York Co., SC in 1993 B & W detail, 3 ft by 3 ft – streams in yellow as personal notes indicating family locations south of Hickory Grove
5.     1990s County Map of Gaffney, SC and area
6.     1988 Union County and City Map
7.     1990s Anderson, South Carolina Map - personal notes on the Wilson family in ink on cover
8.     1993 Anderson County, SC Map Photocopied – 20 pages of one ft. by two ft. with green outlines on property possibly indicating historic family plots
9.      1990s City and County Road Map of Cherokee Co., SC
10.  1990s County Road Map of Lancaster Co., SC – Blakeney Cemetery located in personal note!
11.   Photocopied maps of South Carolina – two maps showing some Wilson and other family locations
12.  Photocopies of 19th century York County, SC maps
13.  Downtown map of Pendelton, SC plus information on historical research services
14.  Photocopy of SC counties in 1785
15.  Photocopy of Early Emigrant Trails in the US east of the Mississippi River, 1933
16.  Photocopies of Colonial and Cherokee nation pre Revolution and in 1816 –show major highways, rivers and Indian boundaries – very informative and excellent reference material

 Tennessee Maps
1.      General Highway Map, Hawkins County, Tennessee, 1984
2.     General Highway Map, Green County, Tennessee, 1985
3.     General Highway Map, Sullivan County, Tennessee, 1992 – notes on Gray and Hawkins families
4.     Genealogy of Tennessee Counties and early Tennessee maps (2) photocopied

Virginia Maps
1.      Chart of James River showing early Settlements and Indian Towns, excellent for reproduction
1.      Maps of Clans with some history

Photocopied Documents
Alabama Folder
1.      Lamar County, Alabama land grants
2.     Pickens County, Alabama land grants, Court Records 1841-1861, and 1830, 40 and 50 Census
3.     Alabama Surname Exchange Booklet, 2001

Mississippi Folder
1.      Origin of Mississippi counties, photocopied
2.     Alcorn Co., MS Marriage records, 1870 – 1900
3.     Marriage Records of Itawamba Co., MS 1837-1866

North Carolina Folder
1.      Marriages of Surry County, NC 1779 – 1868 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, Genealogical Publishing, 1982 – contains pages on Holleman, Dobbins, Carter, Wilson, Holeman, Holliman, Wilmoth  and Holiman
2.     Genealogical Deed Abstracts, Mecklenburg Co, NC , Books 10 -14 by Herman W. Ferguson –pages on Davies families
3.     Bute Co., NC Land Grant Plats and Land Entries, compiled by Brent Holcom, 1974 – six pages on Holliman, various spellings
4.     Deed Abstracts, 1763 – 1779, Meckelenburg Co, NC by Brent H. Holcomb – map plots and abstracts mainly of Alexander families
5.     Ibid, Holcomb Vol. 1: 11763 – 1768 – five pages on Alexander and Davies families
6.     Colonial Granville County and Its People, Worth S. Ray, Genalogical Publishing, Baltimore, 1973 – six pages with Edward Holliman and other families
7.     English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, compiled by Louis des Cognets, Jr. – thirteen pages with information on Richard Holliman and others on the Blackwater; valuable
8.     Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Granville Co., NC 1746 – 1765 by Zae Hargett Gwynn, published by Joseph W. Watson, Rocky Mount, NC, 1974 – no Hollimans but related families Riggens and Bell
9.     Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wayne County, NC, 1780 – 1793 by Joseph W. Watson, Rocky Mount, NC, 1981 – nine pages with numerous Holliman names of various spellings
10.  Wayne County Court Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1787 – 1794, indexed 1982 by Tania S. Ham –some handwritten notes and one page of copy; no Hollimans mentioned
11.   State of NC Entries of Claims for Lands within the County of Wayne, 1780 – 1795, William L. Murphy, 1986 – six pages with entries on Jeremiah and Ezekiel Holliman
12.  Kinfolks of Wayne Co., NC 1793 – 1832, Joseph W. Watson, 1896 – seven pages listing Hollimans under various spellings.  Ezekial and Jeremiah listed
13.  Wayne Co., NC  Abstract of Deed Books 1 & 2, 1780 – 1785, Tania S. Ham, 1973 – three pages listing Jeremiah Hollamon and others
14.  Summary of Settled areas of NC and list of NC counties and when founded – a dozen pages of good background material
15.  Anson Co., NC Abstracts of Early Records by May Wilson McBee and Brent Holcomb 1974 – approximately 30 pages in four sections, few Hollimans but related families such as Bryan and Davis
16.  Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Granville Co., NC 1746 – 1808, Zae Hargett Gwynn, 1974 – valuable information on various Hollimans, approximately 25 pages
17.  North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900, Thornton W. Mitchel, Genealogical Publishing – approximately 20 pages mainly on Davies families; also Davies spouse index
18.  Mecklenburg Co., NC Index to Land Surveys, 1763 – 1768, Miles S. Philbeck, Chapel Hill 1968 – approximately 20 pages of early settlers, no Hollimans
19.  Hornets’ Nest, the Story of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, LeGette Blythe, 1961 – of little value, a few pages of Charlotte 1775 Declaration of Independence from the Crown which seems strange as national declaration was not until 1776
20. Warren County Indexes and Deed Abstracts – four separate documents listing allied families but no Hollimans, approximately 30 pages
21.  Surry County, North Carlina Deed Book C – seven  pages including information on William and Daniel Holliman
22. Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecome Bo., NC 1732 – 1758 by Margaret M. Hofmann, 1969 – Approximately 20 page of materials including Samuel Holliman (various spellings)
23. Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Granville Co., NC 1746 – 1765 by Zee Hargett Gwynn, 1974 – 4 pages plus a handwritten page of notes on Hollomans, etc
24. 1764-1867 Johnston County, NC Marriages by Charlotte D. Meldrum
25. 1759 – 1766 Johnston Co., NC Court Minutes by Weynette Parks Haun, 1974
26. Wayne Co., NC Claims for lands 1780 - 1795

South Carolina
1.      Laurens Co., South Carolina Wills, 1734 - 1840 by Odell Wilson – Over 250 pages of wills with missing pages in index.  Evidently no Hollimans but allied families such as Wilson
2.     1787 – 1811 Lancaster Co., SC Deed Abstracts by Brent H. Holcomb – numerous listings of James Grantson Holliman land sales
3.     Photocopy of 1854 petition of Elizabeth Holliman Parker and Sarah Holliman seeking pension from father James Grantson Holliman’s Revolutionary War service.
4.     1843 Camden, SC Jeremiah Holliman married to Miss Tursa Moore in Lancaster District jail!
5.     Photocopies of Union Co., SC County Court Minutes 1785-1799 and York County, SC Minutes of the County Court, 1786-1797 – appro. 100 pages in binder
6.     Photocopies of Earlyh Records of Lauren County, SC, 1785-1820
7.     South Carolina List of Waterways, Bridges, Fords and Ferries
8.     Short Histories of the Pendleton District of Anderson, SC
9.     York Co., SC Marriages 1770-1869, families of Smith, Guyton and Love

1.      Tennessee Genealogical Records of Early Settlers by Edythe Ruckere Whitley, 1980, photocopy, about 50 pages
2.     Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray, 1966, approx.. 75 pages on Bryan, Cole, Crockett, Gray and Hawkins families
3.     Sullivan County, TN photocopies of First land Owners and 1775 – 1795 Deed Book
4.     Obituaries and Marriages from Early Tennessee Newpapers 1794-1851
5.     Washington County, TN Marriages and Wills 1778-1820
6.     Green County, TN Guardians and Orphasn Court Records, 1783-1870
7.     Marriages of Jefferson County, TN 1792-1836
8.     Index to Tennessee Wills and Administrations 1779 – 1861
9.     Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists
10.    Land Deeds, 1792 – 1814 (Bryan, Crockett and Gray Families) and Early Wills (these families plus Hawkins) Photocopies
11.     Green Co., TN North Carolina Land Grants (Bryan, Gray, Cole, Crockett and Hawkins families) plus Early Green Co. Marriages for these families
12.    Washington Co., TN Deeds 1775-1800, Bryan family

1.      Surry County Court Records, 1664 – 1671, Book II, (Christopher Holyman, Sr land records of 1670 and 1671), Surry County Court Records, Book III, (1671 hog stealing records and case against sheriff) – valuable early records of Hollimans in New World
2.     Surry County, Virginia, 1671 – 1750 Wills and Administrations by Eliza Timberlake Davis, 1980 and Surry County Records by same, 1980 – critical information from 1666 and 1671 Chirstopher Holyman, Sr. land sales and wills of 1700s Hollimans of various spellings
3.     Surry County, Virginia, Wills, Estate Accoutns and Inventories 1730 – 1800 by Lyndon H. Hart, III – important information on Hollimans, various spellings, in first half of 1700s
4.     Surry County, Virginia Court Records, Deed Book 1, 1664 – 1671, compiled by Weynette Parks Haun – 1668 Christopher Holliman land sale and other families
5.     Marriage of Surry County, Virginia, 1768 – 1825 and separate Document detailing late 17th Century stealing of hogs – lists numerous marriages in late 1700s
6.     Isle of Wight Co., Virginia Deeds 1647 – 1719, Court Orders 1693 – 1695, Guardian Accounts 1740 – 1767 and IOW Deed Book 7, all compiled by William Lindsay Hopkins, Richmond, VA 1993 – Approximately 25 pages of primary material on various Hollimans
7.     Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 – approximate 30 pages of relevant information on Holliman and allied families – valuable resource
8.     Marriage Bonds and ministers’ Returns of Southampton Co., Virfginia 1750-1810 by Catherin Lindsay Knorr, 1955.  Three pages with Holliman names
9.     Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia by Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florence Speakman Love, Springfield, Virginia 1987 – Ten pages in alphabetical order of A to Z names with Hollimans listed – valuable insights
10.  Surry Co., Virginia Personal Property Tax 1787, List B – lists several Hollemans and allied families
11.   Photocopies and manuscripts of Surry Co., VA Histories and Records – this is an important notebook of almost 300 pages of court records, wills, published histories and more; a critical document for early Holliman history in the colonies
12.  Descriptions of Early Virginia legal terms
13.  Photocopies of Notes on Culpeper County,Virginia by Philip Slaughter, 1900, approximately 75 pages of the work on Bryan, Hawkins, Gray and Gaines Families
14.  Works of Captain John Smith, edited by Philip L. Barbour, photocopies of about 50 pages of the 3 volume work
15.  Photocopies of First Marriage Record of Augusta County, VA 1785 – 1813
16.  Photocopy of Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers that pertain to Hawkins and Bryan families
17.  Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623 – 1666, families of Holyman, Champion, Swan, Norsworthy, Nicholson, bray, Bell, Riggan, Egelston, Bell and Carter
18.  Photocopies of Culpeper County, Virginia Marriages, 1780 – 1853 and volumes 2 7 3, Culpeper Co., VA Deeds, 1762 – 1765 and 1749 – 1755
19.  Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 1981 includes information on Holliman, Judkins, Petite, Gray and Curtis, Petway, Egerton, Crockett families among others
20. Genealogies of Virginia Families from W & M College Quarterly Historical Magazine, 1982 to include Carter, Gray, Champion and Champion families
21.  Genealogies of Virginia Families from Tyler’s Quarterly, 1991, Curtis family information
22. Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 1981, Carter, Petway and Petite families
23. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 3, 1979 and Isle of Wight, VA Deeds and Land Records in 1600s
24. Surry County, VA 1600s Deed Book, photocopy partial, and Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, photocopy partial, 1981 and personal notes
25. Culpeper Co., VA Will Abstracts 1749-1770

Family Trees
1.      Christopher Holyman, Sr. through three generations – handwritten on graph paper with dates and names, valuable interpretation of family lineage
2.     James Grantson Holliman and children
3.     2001 Family Record of Cornelius and Elizabeth Plyler Holliman
4.     Walter O. Holliman, Sr. Lineage
5.     Holliman Family Ancestors and Index
6.     Virginia Bell Clements Tuttle tree
7.     Walter O. Holliman family tree
8.     Grace L. Davidson family tree
9.     Bellane, Blagrove, Calvert & Croshier charts
10.  Davidson family tree
11.   Neal family chart
12.  Walt O. Holliman’s draft of Scottish ancestry
13.  John Blakeney Family tree
14.  Elizabeth Stone and Verlinda Graves family tree

1.      Folder of Walt O. Holliman’s families surface addresses 1996

Census Records
      1.South Carolina 1790, 1800 & 1810 photocopies of Union and York Counties in binder
     2. 1880 U.S. Census on disks, over 50 disks in LDS binder

Bibliographies and Archives
1.      Bibliographies by Walt O. Holliman
2.     Bibliographies of Baltimore County Familes, 1659-1759 by Robert W. Barnes
3.     Lists of various historical societies, archives and regional history works
           1.      Notes by and of Dr. Rhodes Holliman, Walt Holliman and Warren Holliman
              2.     Photocopies of Alexander and Smith Family Signatures
3.     Abbreviations of Genealogical and legal terms
4.     Signatures, 30 or so pages