Thursday, February 9, 2012

From the Walter O. Holliman Archives

by Glenn N. Holliman

An Announcement -

My son, Christopher S. Holliman, writes a blog at and, no, it is not about baseball.  One of his most recent blogs is a trip to the Crater at the Petersburg, Virginia battlefield where his 3 GGF and 2 GGF fought for the Confederacy.  You might check it out.  There are some photographs.

And now...
A Special Posting...
Several of you have been studying the page on the Walter O. Holliman Materials, an index of his voluminous research on his families and have asked for information.  Below I reproduce six pages of photocopies he made in the early 1990s of Johnston County, North Carolina Holliman land records.  This information may or may not be new to serious Holliman family researchers but I am happy to post this and other items as time permits.

Walt came to believe, as did Dr. Charles Holliman, that Samuel Holliman was the father of my 4 great grandfather, James Grantson Holliman (1750-1836).

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