Holliman Records, A History of Some Official Documents

by Glenn N. Holliman

I have accumulated numerous legal abstracts on the Holyman, Holliman, Holleman, Holiman and associated spellings and families.   Additions always welcome and corrections, also.  My email is glennhistory@gmail.com . Perhaps these notes will be of some assistance to others.


McCartney, Martha W.  Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607 – 1635, 2007. Baltimore,  Genealogical Publication, 2007.

P. 39/40 – Gift of God arrived January 1619 at Skiff’s Creek and Grove Creek to College Creek.  Founded Martin’s Hundred which broke up in 1630s.
P. 396 – Thomas Holman on 8/24/1635 patented for 100 acres in Martin’s Hundred.

Foly, Louise Pledge Heath. Early Virginia families Along the James River, Vol. III.  Baltimore, Clearfield Genealogical Publications, 2007.

P 56 – Wm Hollyman, deed of 300 acres to Thomas Rolfe, 300 acres, gent., James City Co. along Wallingford River.  25 Apr. 1656.  Transported.
Rent Rolls of Surry Co. 1704
P 156 – Richard Holliman, 480 acres
               Mary Hollyman, 290 acres
              Thomas Holloman, 450 acres     
Ibid., Vol. II.
P. 17 – 1635, Thomas Rolfe, b 1615, sone of Pocahonas and John Rolfe, ret. To claim inheritance. 
P. 24 – 1656, John Washington, George Washington’s great grand father arrived in Virginia.

P. 43 – In 1729, North Carolina and South Carolina officially divided.  Population of Virginia that year was 114,000.

P 76 – 4 Nov 1685 Charles City Co. Transport William Sewell – trans. Of 15 pers: John Holliman – transported.

Crutchfield, James A. The Grand Adventure.  Richmond, Dietz Press, 2005.

P. 83 – 25 Apr, 1702 – Richard Holliman, 1230 acres on S Side of Blackwater, transport of 25 persons.  Including Anne and her child, Thomas Holliman.

Greer, George Cabell. Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623 – 1666. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982 reprint of 1912 edition.      Contains 25,000 names.

P. 164 – 1650, Holeman, Xtop by John Cox
P. 164 – 1653, Holliman ___ by John Sheerlock, Lancaster Co.

P. 164 – 1653, Judith Holliman by Sheerlock

P. 164 – 1656, Wm. Holliman by Tho. Rolfe, Gent., James City Co.

P. 165 – 1653, Christop. Hollman by Sheerlock
P. 165 – 1653, Hollman, Judith by John Cox of Lancaster Co.
P. 165 – 1650, Holloman, Judith by Tho Wilkinson _____ Co.
P. 165 – 1638, Holman, Wm by John Bats and John Davis, Charles River Co.
P. 165 – Holman, Robert by Elizabeth Grayne, Charles City Co.

Hamlin, Charles Hughes. They Went That Away.   Baltimore, 3 Vols,  Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing, 1964 – 1966.    Reprinted 1985 as one volume.

P. 10, Vol 2 – Nov. 2, 1770, Joseph Holleman of Southwark Parish, Surry Co. for 65 pds land on S. side Main Blackwate4r Swamp, Surry – 340 acres next to Hart Champion.  Benjamin and Elizabeth Chapion moved to Halifax Co., NC.

Coldham, Peter Wilson. The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607 – 1660. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing, 1987.  - on my to read list.

Elliott, Katherine B. Emigration to Other States from Southside Virginia, 2 Vols. Easley, SC, Southern Historical Press, 1966.  Reprinted 1983.

Tyler’s Genealogies of Virginia Families – I found no Hollimans in this work.

Boddie, John Bennett.  Southside Virginia Families, Vol. 1.  Redwood City, CA, Pacific Coast Publisher, 1955.

P. 128 – 1770, Nov. 2; Joseph Holloman purchases Benjamin Champion’s Surry County land.
P. 197 – 1801, June 28; born Ely Holliman, son of Jeremiah Holliman and Anna Hart Fort, daughter of Henry Hart, Halifax City, North Carolina.

Ibid, Vol. 2
P. 24 – April 6, 1769; Anselm Bailey’s Surrry Co. will witnessed by William and Josoph Holloman.  Baily had purchased land from Joseph Holleman near Tarapum Swamp.
P. 27/28 – William Holliman m. to Rebecca Barham, d. of James (b. abt 1730). Will prob. Southampton Co. June 9, 1792, filed Feb. 24, 1791.
P. 85 Nov. 3, 1783: Charity Coffer, daughter of Thomas Coffer, married Jesse Holleman.

Bantly, Elizabeth Petty. Virginia Marriage Records. Baltimore, Genealogy Publishing, 1982.  This is a completion of information from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, The William and Mary Querterly and Tyler’s Quarterly.  Ms. Bantly indexed the material.

P. 158 – Dec 15, 1758; Cumberland Co. bonds – Anthony Martin and Sarah Holliman, dau. Of James Holliman.
P. 263 – April 21, 1823; M. Bonds of Greensville Col, VA 1809 – 1827 – Elizabeth Holloman of Northampton Co., NC consents to Martha Maria (Holloman) m. Joseph M.S. Rogers.
P. 574 – December, 1778; Joseph Holliman consents to daughter _____ m. Moreland Delk, Surry Co.
P. 571 – December 25, 1777; Anne Hollman, d. of Arthur Hollman m. Samuel Crocker, Surry Co.
P. 574 – April 28, 1778; James Holliman and Sarah Gwathney, d. of Thomas Gwathney.  Joseph Holliman gives consent for his son, Surry Co.

McChan, Judith. Virginia Will Records.  Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing, 1993.  Indexed from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary Quarterly, and the Tyler’s Quarterly.
Statement that Surry Co. has wills of John Holloman and Mary Holleman and a guardian bond for Holleman,  Wills from 1730 to 1739 in ‘deplorable shape’ and are not published.  Nothing else on Holliman in this volume.

Parks, Gary. Virginia Land Records.  Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing, 1982.  Again indexed from The Virginia Magazine for History and Biography, The William and Mary Quarterly, and Tyler’s Quarterly.

P. 76 – Goochland County Deeds and Wills – April 10, 1739; Will of Henry Holman, wife Mary, son Nathaniel, Cousin James, son of brother James Holman.
P. 206 – August 24, 1635; Thomas Holman, 100 acres in James County in Martins Hundred adjouning on the north side of John Bennett.
P. 601 – undated deed from Charles City County of Sarah Hollom Woodward, daughter of Robert Hollom.
P. 666 – June 1, 1635; Land patent in Henrico Co. Robert Hollman held land next to  James Place.
P. 674 – March 6, 1635; Robert Hollman, land in Henrico Co. VA along the main river.

Walfeck, Dorothy Ford.  Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607 – 1800. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing, 2003.

P. 296 – April 28, 1778; Moreland (?) Delk m, d. of Joseph Holliman, Surry County.
P. 297 – Unlisted and dated; Anne Hollman m. Samuel Crocker
P. 298 – Undated; Charity Holloman m. Jordan Wekiford

Virginia Tax Records. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing, 1983.
P. 419 – Surry County Quit Rent Rolls –
 1704; Richard Holloman, 480 acres
 1704; Tho. Holloman, 450 acres

P. 426 – Isle of Wight Tax Rolls
1704, Christopher Hollyman, 400 acres
P. 419 – 1704, Mary Hollyman – 290 acres
P. 33/34 – 1804; John Holeman Jr. and Sr. voted in Cumberland Co.
P. 215 – March 10, 1747, King William Parish, JKames Holeman paid taxes
P. 477 – 1704; James Holeman paid taxes on 150 acres in James City County
P. 427 – 1704, Isle of Wight County, Thomas Holyman, 150 acres

McCartney, Martha W. Virginia Immigrants and Adverturers, 1607 – 1675.

August 24, 1635: Thomas Holman, patent for 100 acres Martins Hundred

Nugent. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 1.

P. 328 – April 25, 1656; Wim. Holliman transported by Thomas Rolfe
P. 201 – No date; Judith Holloman transport. By Thomas Wilkinson; she came with Alice Newman and Alice Thomas.
P. 192 – May 23, 1650; Christ. Holleman and Judith Hollman and Ellis Newan
P. 377 –Aug 9, 1658;  Wm. Hollman transported by Martin Palmer
P. 386 – Feb. 26, 1658; John Hollman transpt. By John Dorrant
P. 77 – May 10, 1670; C. Holleman had land on 3rd Swamp of Blackwater river adjacent to Thomas Moore and Thomas Atkinson.  Moore purchased 2,400 acres.

Notes taken at the Edgecombe Library, Tarboro, NC,  April 26, 2011 by Glenn N. Holliman

First two entries are on Surry County, Virginia
MacDonald, Edgar and Slatten, Richard.  Surry County Virginia Tithables 1668 – 1703

P. 4 – Xtopher Holliman, 01, Lawnes Creek, 1668. 
P. 176 – William Holliman and John Procter June 2; Lawnes Creek, June 10, 1703. 
P. 39 – 1679, William Hollyman (near this name is Wm. Gualtny and Thomas Pittman Jr.
P 45 – Lawnes Creek named after Capt. Christopher Lawne who settled in 1619.  Parish began at mouth of Hogg Island Creek along the James River to branches of Chippokes Creek.  Surry Co. created in 1652 out of James City Co.  Lawnes Creek Parish faded into history.  Parishes of Southwark and Lawne’s Creek divided by the Blackwater River.
p. 17 – 1673 – Xpher Hollyman, 1 thithable in Surry Co.
P 21 – Xpher Hollyman along Lawnes Creek in 1674.
P 171 – Richard Hollyman and Thomas Pittman, Jr. 1702, pd tithable at Lawnes Creek. Also, William Holliman.
P. 154 – William Hollyman pd. tithable for Lawnes Creek.

Boddie, John B. Colonial Surry. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1966 (reprint from 1948).

P. 214 – VA Quit Rent Rolls for Surry County, 1704 – Richard Holliman, 480 acres; Thomas Holliman – 450; Mary Holliman – 290.
P. 218 – Jan. 25, 1778 – Holliman, James and Sarah Gwathney, dau. Thomas Gwathney.  Jospeh Holliman consents for son and Thomas Gwathney for dau.
P 223 – Joseph Holleman, Sr. 10 white, 13 black head of families of Surry Census 1782.  Joseph Holleman, Jr., 4 white, 5 black, head of family.
P. 156 – A fort was established early on the Blackwater for defense against the Indians for on March 1675, the House provided that the Fort on the Blackwater River in Surry shall have 729 pounds of shot and 180 pounds of powder.
P. 157 – Surry County was well settled up to the Blackwater River by 1700. October 1705 House passed a measure which provided that ‘on account of the inconvenience of the inhabitants of Prince and  Surry, Isle of Wight and Nansemond by reason of uncertainty of the bounds of the said counties on the South side of the Blackwater Swamp, it ordered that the surveyors of the counties, before Dec. 25, 1706 shall survey and laybout the Blackwater Swamp and that the line agreed upon shall afterwards be the dividing line of each country backwards as far as this Government extends.”
P. 179 – Surry Land Grants, south of the Blackwater in what is now Sussex County- John Hollyman, 1724 – 78 acres; Thomas Holleman, 1714 – 220 acres.
P.187 – Xpher, Hollyman, 1 tithable in Surry Co., 1674 on Lawnes Creek Parish.

Clark, Murtie June Clark. Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732 – 1774. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983.  

P. 662: Under Captain Aqueler Suggs’ Company  were David and Thomas Holleman; Muster Roll of Edgecombe County Militia, NC in the 1750s.  
P. 806: Under Johnston Co., NC militia commanded by Capt Simon Turner  prior to 1770, Soloman Holloman.
p. 794: Under Johnston Co., regiment, Col. Samuel Smith and Capt. Benjin Hardy was  David Hollyman; Col. Samuel Smith.
P. 722: Serjeant William Holliman of Capt. John Sallius’s Co. under regiment of Col. William Eaton, Granville Co., NC, Oct. 8, 1754.
P. 673: Absalom Holliman under  Capt. Solomon Alston’s company, muster roll of Edgecombe C. militia, NC 1750s.

North Carolina Heads of Families at the First Census of the US taken in the Year 1790  (I have listed only a few; more work required. See below for Johnston Co. names in 1790 census.)

James Holliman, Hillsborough District, Wake County, p. 105: 1 white male over 16, 2 free male whites under 16, 3 free female whites. No slaves.  Wake Co. was created in part from Johnston Co.
Isham Holliman, Halifax district, Edgecombe C o, 1 male, 3 males under 16, 4 females and 5 slaves
Jesse Holliman, same location, 1 male, 3 males under 16 and 3 white females. No slaves.
Many Hollomans in Edenton District, Hertford Co. with heads of families begin Samuel, Silva, Aaron, David (all spelled Holomon).  Plus John Holoman and Cornelius Holoman and Christopher Holomon.

Fleming, Monika S. Edgecombe County along the Tar River.  Charleston, SC, Arcadia, 2003.

P 12 – The Tuscarora War resulted in displacing most of the natives and opening the way for Europeans to migrate inland and settle along the rivers and creeks by the late 1720s.
Before 1730 no more than 20 families lived along the river in what was part of Bertie Co. and is now Edgecombe Co. – Neuse River.  Colonial Records of NC listed 65 individuals in arrears of Quit Rents in Edgecombe Precinct in March 1732.
 P 13 – 14: Edgecombe established in 1741.   Available land soon attracted more settlers from southern Virginia as well as those coming upriver from the coast.  Pop. influx up to over 10,000.  Hundreds arrived and purchased land near the Tar River or its tributaries. 

Edgecombe Co, NC Marriage Bonds.  Genealogical Society of Utah, 1938.

Isham Holloman to Sarah Wiggins, Oct. 29, 1799 witnessed by David Forechard and J.H. Hall.

Haun, Wyenette Parks. Edgecombe Co, NC County Court Minutes, 1744 – 1762. Durham, NC, Privately Printed, 1985.

Court held at  Enfield on Feb. 19, 1744.  A deed of sale from John Rodgers to Saml. Holliman.  No indication of where or size.
Court held on Aug 20, 1745 at Enfield.  A deed of sale from Robert Council to Henry Turner was proved by the oath of Saml. Holliman. 
P. 19 at same court, Saml. Holliman records his mark viz: a Swallow Fork in the left Ear & a Crop in the Right Ear.
Nov. 1745,  Samuel Holliman serves on the grand jury.
May 1746 – A deed of sale from Richard Sessums to Wm. Reynolds was proved by the oath of Saml. Holliman.
P. 39  Edgecombe Court, August 1746, Thos. Hollyman some action not recorded;
P. 43 Hollyman ads Popoucoutry ----Judgemt.
P. 146 – Absalom Holleman and others to work on Parsimon Branch to Evan’s Road.    Dec. 1760.

Bradley, Dr. Stephen E. Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 3: 1778 – 1786. Abstracted 1996.

173-(495) State Grant No. 45 to John Proctor.  1 Jul 1779 - 460 acres on the south side of Tyoncokey Swamp, joining sd Proctor, Arthur Williams, Holliman’s Branch, William Proctor. Nov. Ct 1779.  Edward Hall CC.
124 –(441) State Grant No 5 to William Proctor.  10 Dec. 1778 - 230 acres on the east side of Holliman’s Great Branch. Aug Ct 1779.  Edward Hall CC.
358 – (126) John (x) Proctor of Edgcombe Co to Absalom Williams of same.  22 May 1780.  (no amount) 260 acres which was part of a State Grant to John Proctor, on the south side of Tyancokey Swamp on Hollomon’s Branch, joining Arthur Williams. William Proctor.  Feb Ct 7182.  Edward Hall CC.

Bradley, Ibid. Vol. 1 1759 - 1768

55-(85) Moses Hare Jr of Edgecombe Co to James Gray of Surry Co VA.  1 Feb 1760 -  300 Pds. 150 acres where sd Moses Hare now lives and which sd Hare had purchased from Samuel Holliman 11 Apr 1753 on the south side of Tar River, joining the river, John Cohoon, Walnut Creek; also 360 acres which Samuel Holliman conveyed to sd Mose Hare 8 Jan 1756, joining sd Moses Hare on the south side of Tar River…Jun Ct 1760.  Jas Hall CC.
947 (407) Moses Hare of Hertford Co. to Jesse Hare.  14 Dec. 1765. 5 pd VA. 120 acres, joining Saml Hollomon, Wm Hawyood, Jesse hare, Isaac Wilson, Oct Ct 1766. Jas Hall CC.  It appears that a Samuel Holloman still owned land in Edgecombe Co. in 1766.
Edgecombe County Will Abstracts 1732 – 1792

187 – Will of Robert Hilliard April 13, 1743 in May Ct 1751, witnessed by Saml. Holliman, Willm Sergener, Bnj. B. Boykin.
246 – Will of Richard Lee, Sr. April 1, 1756; May ct. 1756.  Witnessed by Absalom Holliman, James Permenter and William Fokes.  Gave 100 acres of land on Conentny Creek to son.

The North Carolina, Quarterly Journal of Genealogy, Vol. 3, Sept. 1955
P. 66 – Charles R. Holloman, co-author of The Story of Kinston and Lenoir CountyNathan Holloman settled in 1778 in Grantham section of Wayne County, when he came down from Southampton Co., Virginia.  Was 3 G Uncle of Charles Holloman. Near Cox’s Mill on south side of Neuse River about ten miles from Goldsboro in the direction of Mt. Olive.
Charles R. Holloman, B.S., LL.B. compiled a Cross Index to Deeds for Johnston Co. 1746 to 1759, Dobbs Co and Lenoir Co. He co-authored a book with Talmadge C. Johnson (Raleigh: Edwards and Broughton Co, 1954).

Hofmann, Margaret M. Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe Co., NC, 1732 – 1758.  Weldon, NC, The Roanoke News, 1976. NC.

P. 360 Samuel Holleman of Onslow Co., Blacksmith to John Wall of Edge. Co., planter 19 Aug 1740, 4 pounds, 10 shillings current money of Va. 300 acres on the north side of Fishing Creek, joining James Cotton and the creek as by patent to the sd. Holleman.  Wit: Elias Forte, Thomas Pittman.  Nov. Ct. 1740 J. Edwards D.C. Ct. I think this is the first legal document of a Samuel Holliman, 1740.  Note he is from Onslow Co., NC. 
P. 416 – Samuel Hollyman, Arthur Bryan on Aug 1741 wit sale by James Bynum to Robert Surjoyner of Edge Co. 100 acres on south side of Marratock River. 
P. 398 – Samuel Holliman of Duplin Co. to Moses Hare of Edge Co. 8 Jan. 1756 360 acres on s. side of Tar River, joining the sd Hare, John Jameson, a small branch of Walnut Creek, the River and Cahoon’s former land.  Feb. Ct 1756. Now we have a Samuel Holliman of Duplin Co., 16 years later.  Is this the same person moving from Onslow to Edgecombe to Duplin to finally Johnston Co.?
P. 61 – Abraham Odom and wife Sebell of Edge. Co to John Sumner of Chowan Co. Feb. 1746. Ct.
P. 139 – Samuel Holliman of Edge. Co. to Elisha Battle of Nansemond Co., VA 17 Aug 1747 for 50 pounds current money of VA 400 acres joining George Pollock, a grant to sd Holliman, 6 May 1742.  Wit: Jacob Sumner, Joseph Sumner.  Reg. Edge. Co., Aug Ct 1747.  R. Forster C.Ct.  This is the Old Plantation, Battle House Property today restored.  This abstract proves Samuel Holliman sold the Battles the land in 1747.
P. 158 - Samuel Holliman and Elizabeth, his wife of Edge. Co. to Mathew Joyer of Isle of Wight Co., VA.  19 May 1747 245 pounds current money of VA. 210 acres on Cypress swamp, joining Whitmill, Daniel McDaniel, Thomas Turner and the swamp.  Wit: Joseph Sumner, Joseph Boykin.  Reg. Edge Co. Aug Ct. 1747. R. Forster C.Ct.  Note Samuel’s wife in 1747 is Elizabeth.  This may be my generation’s 5th GGM!
P. 202 - Samuel Holliman witnessed with John Faulk May Ct 1748, sale of land by John Cahoon of Edge Co to Jacob Stricklen of Edge Co. 150 acres on the south side of the Tarr River on the mouth of Saddle Camp branch.
P. 498 - Thomas Holliman and Samuel Holliman on June 18 1750 witness sale of 350 acres on south side of Tar River by Phillip Alston to William Williams.
Can this Samuel Holliman, who is largely buying and selling land in Edgecombe Co. in the 1740s and 1750s  be the father James Grantson Holliman, born 1750 in Johnston Co.?  James Grantson Holliman could have stated in the 1830s the wrong county in which he was born.  Was this Samuel Holliman buying and selling land in the 1740s and 1750s in Edgecomb Co., the same Samuel who purchased and sold land in Johnston Co. in the 1760s, a days ride by horse?
P. 524 – Thomas Bryant of Edge Co to William Bryant of Northampton Co. 22 Aug 1750 200 acres on the south side of Tar River, joining Captain Thomas Bryant, Indian old field, a reedy slash, Ozboon Jeffreys and the rive as by patent.  Wit: John Murphree, Samuel Holliman.  Aug. Ct 1750.  B. Wynns C.Ct.  Note, we have in 1750 the Hollimans and Bryan(t)s living next to each other in Edgecombe Co.  Is this the same family that will live near each other in Johnston Co., and result in the marriage of James Grantson Holliman to Elizabeth Bryan?
P. 255 – Samuel Hollomon of Edge Co. to Thomas Hill of Edge. Co. 19 May 1752 200 acres on the north side of Fishing Creek, joining Haw Branch and James Cane.  May ct. 1752.
P. 366 – Samuel Holliman wit with Joshua Elin on Feb. 1753 ct. sale of 100 acres on the north side of Tyancokey swamp of John Newton to John Elkin.
P. 423 Samuel Hollamon of Edge. Co. to Elisha Battle of Edge. Co. 12 Dec. 1752 the same land as mentioned in a deed from the sd. Hollaman to the sd. Battle 17 Aug. 1747, but Elizabeth wife of the sd. Samuel did not relinquish her downer as by patent to the sd. Hollaman 1 May 1742.  Wit: Joseph Sumner, John Rogers.  Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1753  Bejamin Wynn C. Ct.  A problem with this sale.  Why did Elizabeth not release her dower?
P. 500 – Samuel Hollaman of Edge. Co. Sells to Moses hare, the younger of Chowan Co. 11 Apr. 1753 85 pounds lawful money of VA. 150 acres on the south side of Tar River.  Whereon the sd. Samuel now lives and which he bought of John and Mary Faulk 8 Oct. 1747 and is part of a grant to John Cohoon.  Dated 8 July 1739.  Wit: John Streater, James Ruffin.  Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. ct. 1753. Benjamin Wynns C.Ct.
P. 502 - I, Samuel Hollaman of Edge. Co. am firmly bound to Moses Hare, the younger of Chowan Co. 11 Apr 1753 in the sum of 500 pounds the condition of the obligation is such that the sd. Samuel for 85 pounds currency money of Va. Hath sold 150 acres to the sd. Moses and 400 acres for 15 pounds current money of Va. Wit: John Streater, James Ruffin.
P. 150 - On April 12, 1743 Samuel Holliman witnessed sale of 400 acres on south side of a pond of Robert Hilliard to William Surginer.
P. 335 - Samuel Holliman and Robert Hatcher wit. Benjamin Blunt of Isle of Wight, VA to Daniel Harris on 8 Dec. 1744 290 acres on north side of Fishing Creek.
p. 328 – Robert Hatcher of Edge Co. to Thomas Holliman of Edge. Co. 19 Feb. 1744 30 pounds of current money of VA. 200 acres on the south side of Toyanchkey swamp, joining William Oshields.  Will William Pugh, John Sikes, Feb. Ct. 1744.
P. 341 -  John Rogers of Edge. Co. to Samuel Holliman of Edge. Co., blacksmith 2 Oct. 1744 66 acres on the north side of Fishing Creek,  Feb. Ct. 1744.  Here we have Samuel Holliman identified as a blacksmith for the second time.
P. 407 - Samuel Holliman and James Pyrant wit. Robert Council to Henry Turner 100 acres joining Thomas Whitmill, Cattail Marsh.  Aug. Ct. 1745.
P. 481 - Richards Sessumns of Edg. to William Reynolds 29 March 1746 90 acres.  Wit. by Samuel Holliman.
P.108 - Thomas Holliman  (co. not identified) to Benjamin Hart 24 Feb. 1756 200 acres, a plantation on the south side of Tyanquoque swamp, joining Captain Samuel Ruffin and the swamp.  Wit: David Hart, Richard Braswell.  Nov. Ct. 1756.
P. 257 - Thomas Holliman, Jarratt Stevens and Edward Moore wit.  Rowland Stinson of Edge Co. selling to Samuel Deloch, 22 May 1755 , 225 acres near Tyancokey Swamp.
P. 498 - Thomas along with Samuel Holliman witness sale of land on 18 June 1750 in Edge. Ct. Ct. Aug. 1750.

Watson, Joseph, Estate Records of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1730 – 1820.  Rocky Mount, NC 1970.

Will of  Isham Holliman Nov. 1811 by Sarah Holliman.  Widow is Sarah Hollomon. 
A Jesse Hollimon died Sept. 2, 1796, inventory taken by Penny Hollimon. This Jesse and Penny lived in Johnston Co., I believe!
Samuel Holliman in 1744 held two real estate ‘estate’ sales for the court.



1784-1787 Johnston County Census
Eight Holliman families:
 James - 1 male, ages 21 – 60, 4 females under 21, no slaves  This I believe to be James Grantson Holliman
Fred – 1 male, 2 female, 1 slave
John – 1 male, 2 female – either under 21 or over 60, no slaves
Samuel- one male over 60  Is this James Grantson Holliman’s father?  Note, no David Holliman now lives in Johnston Co.  Has he moved to Georgia?  Is this the Samuel Holliman who bought and sold land in Edgecombe Co. in the 1740s and 1750s?
Samuel, Jr. – one male 21 – 60, 2 females under 21 or over 60
Seth – one male and one female
Thomas – 2 between 21 – 60; 6 under 21, 1 female, 2 slaves
William – 1 21 – 60, 3 under 21 or over 60, 6 female

 1790 Johnston Co., NC Census

Only John, Seth, William and Frederick Holliman are listed.  No James in this county!  Has he moved to Anson Co. by 1790?  Samuel has died?
In 1800 Johnston Co. Census, Hollomon is the spelling for Frederick, John, Josiah, Seth, Tobias and William.  1810 Census  one has Jesse Hollemon, Federick and Frederick, Sr., Tobias and William Hollomon. In 1820 the spelling is Holliman for Frederick, Hardy, Jess, John, Josiah, Prudence and Seth Holliman.

Johnston County, NC Abstracts: Deed Books, 1764 – 1791

On March 8, 1768, James and Frederick Holliman witness a sale of land by John Nairn to Arthur Bailey.
1769, Frederick Holliman purchases land between his land and James Holliman’s.  Adj. to Samuel Holliman.
1782, Aug. 21 James Holliman, Jo Co, planter to Samuel Collings, 200 acres.  Wit: Lewis Bryant and Nathan Gulley.
Jan. 23, 1783 James Holliman and G. Warren witness sale of land by Isham Rogers to John Bruer.
May 19, 1787, James Holliman wit sale of land by John Price to William Richardson.
Jan. 27, 1783 – Nathan Gully and Jas. Holliman sell to Jas. Holder 250 acres NS of Great Buffelow near Bryan’s.
Feb. 24, 1783 - Jas Holliman and Frederick Holliman witness sale of land by Jams Price to Dixon Price.
Sept. 10, 1782 - Jas.  Holliman and Lewis Bryant witness sale of land by John Bruer to Benjamin Wilkinson.
April 2, 1783 – James Holliman witnesses with Lewis sale of land by Jethrow Woodward to George White.
178 (date missing), Feb. 19 - James Hollimon, Jo Co to Josiah Taylor on the SS Great Buffalow sw, being part of a larger tract granted to sd Hollimon from the state office for 550 a Beg.  Wit Elisha Woodard and Charles Pope.  No ct. date.  Believed 1780s.
July 22, 1761 – Granville to Samuel Hollimon, Jo Co, 10 ster, 355 acres vacant land in Jo Co on Little riv…A Samuel Holliman patents land from the Granvilles!  Is this the Samuel Holliman of Edgecombe Co. who may have moved to Johnston Co.?  It is now 1761, and Samuel seems to have wonderlust!
April 24 1769 - Samuel Holliman, Dobbs Co, planter to James Hollimon, Jo Co planter 135 acres in Jo Co on BS of Little riv being part of a larger tract granted formerly granted to Henry Jernigan by deed from Granville.  Dobbs Co. disappeared and became part of Johnston Co.

Ingmire, Frances T.  Johnston County, NC Marriage Records, 1767 – 1867. Athens, GA, Iberian Publishing Co., 1993.

In marriage records from 1767 to 1867,  I do not find James Holliman.  Hmm….did he marry before 1767 or in a different county?   January 8, 1768, Richard Holleman m. Apstil Bryan.

Meldrum, Charlotte. Johnston County NC Marriages, 1764 – 1867 . Westminister, MY,  Family Line Publications, 1994. Printed from microfilm in NC Dept of Archives and History.
P. 1 Samuel Collins to Martha Nowel, Sep 15, 1778.  Bondsmen Samuel Collins and James Holliman.
P. 2 – James Halliman to Elizabeth Bryan 16 Apr 1772.  Bssm  (Bondsman) James Halliman and Charles Jones.  James Grantson Holliman m. an Elizabeth Bryan.  Note, one of the bondsmen was a James Holliman.  Who is this James Holliman?
P. 9 - William Holleman bondsman for Augnelia Nairr to ? Baily, Nov. 15, 1782. 
P. 17 - Joseph Holliman to Nancy Niarn 5 Nov 1791.  Bdsm John Holder.
P. 18 – Tobias Holliman to Prudence Holder 29 May 1793.  Bdsm Hardy Parker.
P. 2 – William Watson to Elizabeth Tanner 20 Oct 1763.  Bdsm James Watson, Henry Rains and David Holleman.
P. 2 – Richard Holleman to Asptie Bryan 8 Jan. 1768.  Bdsm Richard Holleman and David Holleman.
The Cat Tail River is north of the Buffalo and Little River in Johnston Co.  Go north from Smithfield, NC, up Highway 96 and cross all three.

Haun, Wyenette Parks. Johnston County, NC Land Warrants, Surveys & Miscellaneous Land Papers, 1737 – 1899.  Durham, NC 1993
Copied Bryan and Holliman land records between the Cat Tails and Buffalo.
Weynette Parks Haun also did Abstracts of Johnson Co. deed books from 1759 to 1771.  Unfortunately, deed books beginning in the year 1746, year of formation , to 1759, destroyed in a fire.

Needham Bryan did get a patent on Sep 27, 1745.  Gail Bryan on Oct 13, 1756.
#68, a-1:124….Henry Jernigan to Saml. Halliman, planter, Jo Co 300 acres on BS of Little Riv.  Wit: Will Nairn and John Hailes.  No date.
#176, B-1: 301…Saml. Halliman wit with John Stevens sale of land of Ambrus Blackburn to John Richardson, 350 acres on BS of Littl Riv.  May 1, 1762.
#178, B-1: 306…29 April 1762, Sam. Halliman and John Stevens wit. Sale of land by Ambrus Blackburn to James Downing again on BS of little riv.
#138 B-1: 217…David Halliman proved in April. Ct 1762 sale of land by Richard Baley to John Kent. 
#156 B-1:252…Samuel Holliman of Jo. Co, valkin?, Vulkin? To Jacob Yelverton 342 acres on BS Little Riv on Jernigain’s line.  Wit by John Hinnard and Celia Halliman.  Proved in April. Ct 1762 by Celia Halliman.  Who is  Celia?  Yet in Edgecombe Co. in the 1740s, a Samuel had a wife named Elizabeth.  Same Samuel but different wife?  Has Elizabeth died?
#15, A-1:24…23 July 1759…Robert Duck, Dobbs Co to David Holliman, Jo Co. 260 acres on NS Great Buffelow, sw part of survey granted to Wm. Boykin by Granvil Deed 8 Nov 1756.
#74 A-1: 135…24 Nov 1760.  Henry Jernigan sold to John Hales 300 acres.  Wit by William Narn and Saml. Holliman.
#239, Tr-1:14…17 Jan. 1763.  Saml. Holliman and John Salter wit John Hayles sale of land to Charles Wilkinson.
#283, Tr-1:61…16 March 1763.  Saml. Holliman wit with John Salter and Tho. Whitley to George Witley sale of land to John Gardner.
#403, Tr-1:171  (date is 1768).  Joseph Garner will witnessed by Jospeh H. Garner, Saml. Holliman, Charles Wilkinson and James Holliman.  Could Saml. Holliman, this Samuel Holliman, be the father of James Grantson Holliman, and the birthdate of James Grantson (1750) be incorrect by a few years too young?  James had to be 21 to be a witness?  Does his birthday need to be changed to 1747 and his birthplace to Edgecombe Co.?
#409, Tr-1:5: 24 April 1769 Samuel Holliman, Dobbs Co. planter to James Holliman, Jo. Co. Planter 135 acres in Jo Co & on BS Little Riv being part of a larger tract granted formerly to Henry Jernigan by Deed from Granville…bet Samuel Holliman and Charles Wilkinson…Wit: Edmond Godwin, Elias George
#495, Tr-1:101…1 March 1770  Robert Cobb,  Cumberland Co, merchant to Samuel Holliman, Jo Co, Planter 374 acres on BS little riv, formerly granted to James Downing by Granville 1 Jan 1763. 
#510 Tr-109: 31 March 1770 Robert Cobb to Samuel Holliman, Jo Co, planter 100 acres on BS little Riv being land & plantation whereon Samuel Holliman now lives on being part of a larger tract granted to Ambrose Blackburn by Granville.
#565 D-1:45: 15 Oct 1763 John Salter and Samuel Holliman wit sale by John Hayles to Charles Wilkerson.
#244, GTr-1:20 17 Jan 1763…John Salter, J Co. Planter to John Hailes 400 acres on BS Great Buffaloe Swamp…Wit Saml. Holliman, Charles Wilkinson
#487, Tr-1:88…6 Jan 1770 David Holliman Jo Co to John Moore 100 acres on NS little rive .

Ross, Elizabeth E. Kinfolks of Johnston Co., Abstracts of Deeds, 1759 – 1825, Vol. 1. Clayton, NC
BS means both sides.  SS, South side…

P. 4 - Jan. 19, 1769, James Holliman, Saml. Holliman and Charles Wilkinson wit will of Joseph Garner Sr.
Deed Bk H-1, 39…25 May 1772 James Hollimon and John Hinnant wit. sale of land by Jacob Yelventon to Sharrack Yelventon.
258 15 Nov 1775 – James Hallimon of Jo Co to Samuel Hallimon  Jo Co 336 ac. BS Little River part of a grant to Robert Bryan by Granville, adj. Boykin, James Hallimon & Solomon Johnson…Elisabeth Hollimon w/o sd James Hollimon surrenders her right of dower & thirds… Wit: David Hollimon, Solomon Johnson…signed James Hollimon and Elisabeth Hollimon. This is an important deed.  Robert Bryan received a patent from Granville.  By surrendering her dower right, Elizabeth is stating Robert Bryan is her father!  My generation’s 5th GGF!  Also, we have Samuel and James combined yet again in a legal exercise providing more fuel to the idea that James is the son of Samuel.  The dates work.
322. 27 Feb. 1777 Samuel Holliman of Jo. Co. to Seth Holliman Jo. Co. for GW and Aff. To my son…100 ac BS Little River, being part of a tract granted to Ambros Blackbkurn adj…tract granted to James Dowing by Granville, adj Thomas Faulk and Jacob Yelventon…Wit: Jas Holliman, Elizabeth signed Sam. Holliman.  More evidence that Samuel Holliman (this Samuel Holliman) is father of James Grantson Holliman.  Samuel has given to son Seth for good will and affection 100 acres.  Samuel have have been in ill health.  1777 is his last legal document we have.
191 1 Dec. 1777 John Kent of Edgecombe Co to John Lockhart Jo Co in Jo Co BS Little River  being part of tract granted to Henry Connacan by Granville…being the plant. Bought of James & Fredrick Holliman…
302  13 May 1780 Isac Ferel of Jo Co to Edward More of Nash Co 300 ac. In JoCo NS Neus River, SS Cattail, Sw. adj. Tho Hollimon, upper end of Hollimons Mill pond…granted to Isac Ferrell Dec. 1778…Wit: Phil Thomas, Jas Holliman.
149 2 Aug 1766 Samuel Holliman of Craven Co SC to Jacob Yelverton JNo Co 10 ac between Little River and Great Bukffellow, part of granted to Holliman 22 July 1761 by Granville…signed Saml Hollimon Ja. Ct 1767.
 28 32 (sic) July 1777 Samuel Holleman of Jo Co to John Holleman Jo Co for L & GW to my son, a negro girl Hannah ca. 6/7 years.  Wit: Charles Wiklinson, Benca Wilkenson, signed Sam Holleman Nov. Ct 1777.
302 8 Dec 1795 John Hollimon of Jo Co to Lewis Grice 82 ac. As by Indefeasable Est. of Inheritance in fee simple…Wit: Stephen Giles, Sarah Giles, signed John Hollimon May Ct 1796.
160 10 Nov 1802, John Hollimon wit sale of negro man, Jesse, ca 30/40 years by Thomas Kirby to Jesse Kirby.
114 13 Oct 1766 Mary Edwards and others to David Holliman, Jo Co 100 ac NS Little River.  Wit: Absalom Holliman
295 121 Aug 1771 John Moore Sr to John Moore Jr…..wit: Absalom Hollimon
Deed Book Transcript #3, Deed books.
1 7 Nov 1786…Simon Strickland sold to Zacharias O’Neal land on BS Little River.  Near Fred Hollimon.  And purchased from William Hollimon….Wit: Fred Hollimon

Johnson Co, NC Court Martial Minutes 1761 – 1779

David Holliman was a captain in the NC militia Oct 1768 along with Needham and William Bryan.  Earlier date, Oct 1767.  Served through 1772.
William Hollimon and Thomas Hollimon  were absent at the Genl Muster and fined 20 shillings. Nov 1778.
No will found for Samuel Holliman in Johnston Co.  Did find one for Frederick Hollomon, 25 Oct. 1823.  Left 10 slaves to Patsy, daughter of Seth Hollomon.