Sunday, September 10, 2017

Curtis Holleman and his trip to Cuddington

by Glenn N. Holliman

Last March, I had the pleasant occasion of visiting with Curtis Holleman and his family, who live outside of Tampa, Florida.  His sister,  Salinda Holleman Riebow, the family genealogist joined us.  Curtis is a retired FBI agenda and Salinda, a real estate agent.

Their grandparents were tobacco farmers Walter and Ola Bell Holleman of Hamptonville, Yadkin County, North Carolina.  As a teen, Curtis spent summers working tobacco on the farm located off Brown Road near I-77.  

"Whenever I hear a rooster in the morning, it takes me back to my young childhood (4 or 5) and time spent staying with my grandparents at their farm, up early to feed the animals, collect the eggs, etc."

The ancestors of Salinda and Curtis are as follows:

Father - Claude Elgy Holleman (May 15, 1933 to October 11, 2008)

Grandparents - Walter McKinley Holleman  (April 10, 1903 to June 18, 1985) and Ola Belle Knight  (August 1, 1907 to December 5, 1969)

Great Grandparents - William Sanford Holleman  (October 3, 1876 to September 15, 1936)
Martha Catherine Brown (August 8, 1879 to October 23, 1918)
Julie Ann Swain (May 25, 1853 -    ?)

2 GGF - Asa Holleman  (May 8, 1842 - February 1918)

3 GGF - Bennett Holleman (1820-1897)

4 GGF - John Holloman (1785-1850)

5 GGF - John Holleman (1766-1850)

6 GGF - Jesse Holleman (1735 -1825)

7 GGF - John Holleman (1700-1751)

8 GGF - Christopher Hollyman, Jr. (1660-1731)

9 GGF - Christopher Hollyman (1618-1691)

Visit to England and the Hollyman Farm

This past summer Curtis and his wife Karen traveled to the ancestral home of American and English Hollemans (Holliman, etc) in Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, England.  There they took photographs of our ancestral parish church, even climbing the tower and recording some dramatic views of the village.  Oxford is approximately 30 miles to the southwest.

Below, photograph taken while on the roof of St. Nicholas Church in Cuddington summer 2017. Elements of the 15th century Hollyman farm are the fields in the background.

Below James Stonham of Cuddington and owner of the Hollyman Cottage located on the original Hollyman Manor Farm on the roof of the church. By the medieval baptism trough is Curtis where his Hollymans ancestors were baptized from the 15th to 19th centuries.

 The grave of one of  the last Hollyman buried in the St. Nicholas Church grave yard.  Both Curtis and Lindsay Hollyman of England (both descendants of Cuddington Hollymans) have identified this grave as that of Mary Jarvis Hollyman who died 28 May 1817, age 77.  She married James Hollyman, one of Lindsay's 6x great uncles in 1761.

Below James Stonham and Curtis Holleman in the cemetery where generations of Hollymans are resting.

For additional information on the Hollemans of North Carolina and the English ancestral homes and lineages of Hollymans (various spellings) research the blogs at this site and/or visit, a virtual archives of Holliman (various spellings) and associated families.

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  1. That's so interesting. Thank you so much for recording this information Glenn. You are a blessing to our family.