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Some Descendants of Charles Holliman (1795-1842 ) of Fayette County, Alabama, Part 2

In our previous post, Juanita Hendrix Holliman and her Amy Holliman Armstrong provided information and photographs on their Alabama lineage.  This article reflects further on the heritage of her husband, James, and shares more photographs of a family and the times in which they lived. - Glenn N. Holliman, born Birmingham, Alabama

Additional Pictures and Reflections of a West Alabama Holliman and Allied Families
by Juanita Hendrix Holliman

Right, Amy, Juanita and James Holliman in 1985, Marion County, Alabama

A lot of folks left the rural areas of Alabama after World War II, my immediate ancestors included.  By the 1940s many moved to north and the midwest seeking higher paying factory jobs.  Some of these men were veterans who had had traveled to various places on their tours and were unwilling to return to the hard life on small cotton farms which by that time were phasing out anyway.

Of course, many stayed home.  My own father returned from overseas and farmed part time working in a saw mill, and later logging.  Eventually he gave up farming to no one's sorrow!  You have probably read the book 'Now Let Us Praise Famous Men', which describes living conditions of several families in rural Alabama in the 1930s.  There was a sequel of sorts written later describing the descendants of these same families - 'And Their Children After Them'. Both are very interesting in their depictions of their lives and the cotton culture of the South.

James had an older brother, William Garlon Holliman (1927-2013), who did remain in Marion County. He worked in a cotton mill in Winfield for many years, and later drove the book mobile for 20 or more years for the Northwest Regional Library for Marion and two or three other counties. he retired 15 or so years before his death in 2013.  His first wife of many years, Frances Roberts was the daughter of Eula Wheeler and Dewey Roberts. They had one child, Doris Holliman Dannelley who lives in Theodore, Alabama.  For many years, Frances was a dietitian at the local hospital.

  Below, a school photograph of Garlon Holliman in the 1930s and with his first wife Frances Roberts ca 1947.

 Garlon Holliman in 2011

After Frances' death in the mid 1980s, Garlon married Adelle Voce Cantrell, a widow from the Hackleburg area of Marion County.  They were married for about 18 years until her death.  Garlon died December 19, 2013 at Winfield.  Adelle taught school for many years, marrying Garlon after she retired. 

 Below, left to right- William Garlon Holliman, Loudell Holliman Morris, Lela Warren Holliman (Arthur's 2nd wife), William Arthur Holliman, Mildred Holliman Johnson (back), Louise Hollman Baccus,  and James Arthur Holliman on the occasion of William Arthur and Lela's 50th wedding anniversary with their children present at Winfield, Alabama.  The anniversary was in 1980.

Above John and Evelyn (Evie) Abernathy Holliman ca 1930.  The twins on the table are Lois and Lloyd.  John is a brother of William Arthur Holliman and son of Frances Marion Holliman. The picture was probably made in Fayette County, Alabama, their home. John farmed for a living. The other children pictured are Dewey, Oveat, Ector and James, who died as a baby. 

A brother of John was Sydney Holliman, another son of Francis Marion Holliman. Francis married Maud Morris in 1913 and lived in Winfield, Alabama.  Both worked in the Winfield Cotton Mill for many years. They had three sons: Roy, Troy and Edward (called Ed), all now deceased.

Below, Oscar and Ella Holliman Smith, husband and wife.  Ella is a sibling of John and William Arthur Holliman and daughter of Frances Marion Holliman. The couple lived at Winfield and farmed for a living. Their children were Mary Ellen, Ira, Lester, Jennie Lee, Pauline and Flora, all deceased now except Pauline.

Above, Loudell Holliman Morris as a young woman, 1940's.  She is a daughter of William Arthur and Zolena McKay Holliman.  Born in Alabama, she raised three children in Greentown, Indiana. She married James Elbert Morris of Fayette County, Alabama who for many years worked at Continental Steel in Kokomo. Loudell worked at another plant in the area, but mostly stayed home to raise the family. They had three children: James (Jimmy), Linda and Wayne. Loudell, Elbert and Jimmy are now deceased.

Left, Louise Holliman Baccus and her husband, Brady. They lived in Winfield, Alabama where Brady was a county commissioner for about 20 years.  Before that he was an employee of Marion County, and Louise work at one of the sewing plants for several years.  Brady's family was from Fayette County.  They had no children and both are now deceased.  Like her brother, Garlon, Louise was also a daughter of William Arthur and Zolena McKay Holliman.

Below, Mildred Holliman Johnson and husband Harold Johnson, the picture made at Saraland Alabama, 1980's ca. She is another daughter of William Arthur and Lela Holliman. 

Mildred and Harold lived in Marion County for a few years after their marriage, moved briefly to Columbus, Mississippi and then settled in south Alabama near Mobile. Harold died in January 2016. Mildred survives, still living in Saraland, as does one of their daughters, Brenda Johnson Snodgrass. Their other daughter, Barbara Sizemore, lives in Monroe County, Alabama.

Harold held many jobs - a barber early in his life, then a building contractor and finally he opened a saw sharpening shop.  He was a very intelligent, self-taught person with many abilities. In fact, he built the house in which James and I live in now.  Harold's parents, Alan and Susie Benton Johnson Williamson were from Fayette County. Harold lived in both Fayette and Marion Counties as a young person. 

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