Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When We Were English, Part 60

by Glenn N. Holliman

Distant Cousins Unite at Holyman Sites in England....

In the last article in this space, we published information on the positive DNA analysis that demonstrated that Glenn N. Holliman of Pennsylvania, USA and Lindsay Holliman, Braybrooke, UK share a common male ancestor.  Both Lindsay's and Glenn's paper trails lead back to Buckinghamshire.  On June 18, 2014, both distant cousins, their wives and local historians visited Holyman sites of earlier centuries.

Below, Glenn and Lindsay swap information at the Long Crendon Manor House in Buckinghamshire, England.  Lindsay's great, great grandfather, John Holliman (1831-1907) worked at the house, which was first constructed in the 12th Century.

Below the exterior of the manor house, located only 3 miles from the Holyman farm in Cuddington, Buckinghamshire.  Lindsay's great grandfathers were born in Cuddington, and in the 1790s, a multi-great grandfather, James Holliman relocated to Long Crendon.

Below, Lindsay discusses 'grave' matters in the St. Nicholas parish church cemetery in Cuddington with the warden, who was doing lawn work.  Twenty years ago Lindsay found, still readable, one of the stones of Mary Holliman, which read 'In memory of Mary, widow of James Holliman, who died 28 day of May 1817, age 77 years'.  She was a first cousin, 7 times removed.  Unfortunately time has now erased her name from her gravestone.  Many great grandparents of American and English Hollimans (and various spellings) are resting in and around the church.

Below, at the Cuddington Crown Pub, left to right: Anne Holmes of Buckinghamshire whose genealogical skills have opened up exciting new understandings of Holliman family history; Lindsay Holliman; Caroline Stonham, the owner of the Holyman's Farm today and an accomplished geographer; Barbara Holliman, wife of Glenn Holliman, and Madeleine Holliman, wife of Lindsay.

Next post, more on the English roots of the American Holymans (Hollimans et al)....

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