Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Annoucing a New Holliman Genealogical Resource

by Glenn N. Holliman

The 2013 Holliman Genealogical Forum in Fayette, Alabama
Gathering for two days of sharing and learning during beautiful autumn southern weather were left to right: Anne Holliman Windel (Alabama), Jeanette Holiman Stewart (Texas), David Jennings (Alabama), Shelia Nichols (Alabama), Glenn Holliman (Pennsylvania), Janie Holliman (Alabama), Lois Sherrill (Alabama), Sarah Hall Holliman Hatch (Colorado), Nell Holliman, sitting (Alabama), Harvey Holliman (Texas), Alice Holliman Murphy (Texas), Glenda Norris (Alabama), Frank Holliman (Alabama), Rachel Lee (Alabama), Eddy Smith (Alabama), Marilyn Wilson Galvan (Texas), Vonceil Duckworth (Alabama), Linwood Holliman (Alabama), Jimmy Holliman (Alabama) and Joseph Parker (Texas)

At the October 2013 Holliman Genealogical Forum in Fayette, Alabama, a tremendous new genealogical web site was announced.  The web site, designed as a virtual archives, can be found at The Hollyman Family at MyFamily.comThe top portion of the site is visible below.  Note the numerous titles available at the location.

Already on this MyFamily site one will find:

Over 14,000 names on the extensive Holyman Family Tree
Dozens of research files and family histories
Several thousand photographs
 A discussion forum
And more information added almost daily!

However for accuracy purposes, the site remains private; that is one needs an invitation to participate.

Whether you live in the United States, the British Isles, Canada, Australia or where ever on the globe, that invitation is easily granted if you email this writer at glennhistory@gmail.com or Jeanette Holiman Stewart at Htreekeeper@outlook.com.
Or go to the HOLLYMAN GENEALOGY MyFamily site at http://myfamily.com/group/hollyman .
Then click on "Request to Join" in upper righthand corner! 
Below, Jeanette Holiman Stewart double checks her records as Jimmy Holliman and Vonceil Duckworth join her at the Shepherd Baptist Church Cemetery in Newtonville, Alabama.  On this site in 1836, their ggg grandfather Charles Holliman located his family after migration from Lancaster County, South Carolina.  Jeanette monitors the Tree at MyFamily.com and has entered over 14,000 names and thousands of photographs and documents!
You will be welcomed to this living museum and world-wide resource center, a place where those of us with ancestors by the names of Holyman, Hollyman, Holliman, Holiman, Holleman, Holloman, Hollemon, Hollomon and numerous other variations can find and share family history information. Associated families are encouraged to join us in this program.

This site was founded after extensive discussions following a 2011 reunion in Fayette, Alabama by family historians Joseph Parker, Glenda Norris, Lynn R. Holliman, Jeanette Holiman Stewart, Tina Peddie and Glenn N. Holliman, all descendants of Christopher Hollyman, Sr. (1618-1691). These persons, four of whom are in the group picture above, administer the site.

As regular readers of this space know, this Christopher, Sr. came from Bedfordshire, England to Jamestown, Virginia in 1650, married twice, had six children and prospered leaving a plantation of 1,020 acres at his death in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. While other persons with the name of Holyman (or a derivative) evidently migrated later to the New World, our evidence to date traces almost, but not all Holymans (and various spellings), back to the four sons of Christopher, Sr. Their names were Thomas, Christopher, William and Richard. There were two daughters – Ann and Mary who married two brothers from a neighboring plantation – John and James Atkinson.

The purpose of this MyFamily site is to gather the most complete information possible on Holymans, post and share without fees to the larger family. Our goal is to establish a central gathering place for Holyman Family information and research materials. We have designed our management to be self-perpetuating, to maintain service and enlarge this site as the years and decades pass.

Left, one of the hosts for the Alabama Holliman Forum and dedicated genealogist, is Glenda Norris, descended from Cornelius Holliman, one of three brothers who caught 'Alabama Fever' and migrated to the state from South Carolina in 1836.

Of course, genealogy is a process, and as new information is discovered, lineages and dates may change. If your research differs from what might be contained on this site, let us know and corrections or differences of opinions will be noted. This site is for education only and not for commercial or legal purposes.

               Additional Resources are available!
Join the Hollyman Email genealogical conversation at Hollyman-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
Or the Hollyman Family Facebook Page located on Facebook at "Hollyman Family".
For more information on these sites, contact Tina Peddie, one of our MyFamily administrators, at desabla1@yahoo.com.  Mrs. Peddie can assist also in any DNA research.

Remember for your Hollyman MyFamily invitation, contact glennhistory@gmail.com or Htreekeeper@outlook.com.
Or go to the HOLLYMAN GENEALOGY MyFamily site at http://myfamily.com/group/hollyman . 
Then click on "Request to Join" in upper righthand corner! 

Next week, back to another bit of Holleman history....


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