Sunday, December 2, 2012

From the Galaxy of Holliman Cousins, Part IV

by Glenn N. Holliman

Another Look at Alabama Roots....

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, distant cousin Tom Hughes from North Carolina visited his brother and relatives in Alabama.  For those of you who have been reading in this space the memories and photographs of Dr. Rhodes Holliman, you may find Tom's 2012 reflections of interest.  Tom writes a blog at , and he invites one to read and ponder. 

Tom was visiting cemeteries over the holidays looking for Hughes and Wilson memorials in Lamar County in west central Alabama. He stumbled on several Holliman grave sites at Ashcraft Corner Baptist Church and Wilson Cemetery, both in Lamar County .  He sent photographs of his findings thinking they might be of interest to those who follow Holliman genealogy closely.  He gave me kind permission to share with you. 

These Holliman and one Duckworth resting sites pricked my interest as in this space in January/February 2012, cousin Vonceil Duckworth of Lamar County shared her family lineage and photographs with us.  Below the Wilson Cemetery, Kennedy, Lamar County, Alabama.

The Wilson Cemetery

One will find the shared graves of James Wilton Holliman (4/5/1880 - 9'27/1953) and Beulah Holliman (9/11/1876 - 9/11/1959) at the Wilson Cemetery.
Maurine Holliman, daughter of James Wilton and Beulah Holliman, born 4/10/1914, must have died as a child as no death date is given.  Maurine is listed in Mary David Elmore's The Community of Kennedy, Alabama as the daughter of "Wilson Holliman and wife", a possible slight typographical error.

Nor is there a death date for a Manley Holliman, born 10/8/1902.

Below, Anita Duckworth (12/27/1940 - 6/4/1941) lies also in the Wilson Cemetery.  The Duckworths and Hollimans intermarried on occasion in Lamar County, according to the family tree of Vonceil Duckworth but this infant was not a close relation of Vonceil's.
The Ashcraft Corner Cemetery 
Murlee W. Holliman (10/4/1902 - 10/9/1965) although buried in Ashcraft Corner Cemetery, is a child of James W. and Beulah Holliman, buried a few miles away in the Wilson Cemetery.

Mary David Elmore in her 1995 book lists Elton Holliman as a deacon at the Pleasant Ridge/Ashcraft Corner Baptist Church from 1921 to 1924. Is this Elton the son of Deacon Holliman?

Our thanks to Tom Hughes, a distant cousin, for sharing his Thanksgiving genealogy and photographs with us. Hopefully they will prove helpful to a searching genealogist. If you are related to these Hollimans listed above, we would enjoy hearing from you and learning more about this branch of the family.

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