Saturday, October 20, 2012

From the Galaxy of Holliman Cousins, Part III

by Glenn N. Holliman

"Medicine is the Venue to Peace"

Over dinner in July 2012, Dr. Jim Holliman of Pennsylvania, son and grandson of family historians, Dr. Rhodes Holliman and Cecil Rhodes Holliman, Esq., shared the above wisdom.  The occasion was an evening with Jim and our two wives, Karen - his, and Barb, mine.  We had been trying to find time to meet for several years.  With Jim's incredible schedule of travelling and speaking, this had been difficult.

Below, Glenn Holliman, left, and Jim Holliman, right.  John T. Holliman (1844-1930) is Glenn's great grandfather and Jim's great, great grandfather.

Jim is this country's and probably the world's foremost expert on Emergency Medical Trauma, having written six books on the subject, and visited 50 countries on six continents practising and establishing emergency medicine programs, teaching and supervising.  Raised in the stimulating home of two professors at Virginia Tech in the 1960s, he did his undergraduate work at Duke and gathered his M.D. at George Washington in St. Louis.  After residency in Utah and practise in Reading, Pennsylvania, he settled in 1989 in Central Pennsylvania at the famed Hershey Medical Center.

Since then he has served in three wars for the Department of Defence, taught at the United Services University in Bethesda, Maryland, and directed the Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine.  Presently he is president-elect of the International Emergency Medicine Consortium, a global organization of regional and national agencies dedicated to improving emergency medical care.  The walls of the home cannot hold the large number of awards and gifts he has received over the past few decades from grateful nations and organizations.

Below, four of the numerous books, Jim has authored or co-authored.  
His wife, Karen, has experienced an important career herself in paediatrics rehabilitation helping children with developmental and autistic challenges.  This talented couple met in medical school, and have two grown children.  They are about to become grandparents for the first time.

 Below, Karen and Jim Holliman visiting the Glenn and Barbara Hollimans, September 2012.

Jim has seen much pain and injury in his career across the world.  Having been up close to our recent wars in the Middle East, he thought carefully when I asked him what summary statement would he make for our extended Holliman family to ponder. He did not hesitate - "Medicine is the venue to peace".  Truly Karen and Jim know the truth of that statement as both their lives have been dedicated to reducing human suffering.

For more on Jim, visit the web site to read some of his articles. He welcomes hearing from cousins, especially those in or who might be considering the medicine as a career.  Jim has been and remains a mentor to many. With permission, his email address is

Note: Jim Holliman is also a first cousin of Glenda Norris, a frequent contributer to this blog and the understanding of Holliman family history in Alabama.

As always, an education and inspiration when I visit with Holliman cousins both near and far....more later.

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