Monday, September 10, 2012

When We Were English, Part XVIL

by Glenn N. Holliman

Somerset, England...A Home for Hollymans

In the late Fall 2011, Bob Hollyman-Mawson of Wales arranged a visit for my wife and me to call on Fred Cooper, related by marriage to the Hollyman families of Somerset, England.  For the past few articles, I have been giving a tour of the area and reproducing some photos I took of locations where Hollymans lived.

In the house below lived in the 19th Century a family named Hollyman.  Today, still occupied, the white stucco, thatched roof home in Clevedon is bracketed by roses and protected by a stone fence.
Our genial guide for our tour of Greater Bristol, England was Fred Cooper, a devoted genealogist who has catalogued hundreds of his wife's ancestors.  Below in his Bristol home, Fred shows some of his research to Barbara Holliman.

Below, Fred relaxes in an English pub after a morning of sharing with two Americans his knowledge of Hollymans in  Abbots Leigh and the Gordano Valley, a picturesque part of Somerset where the Bristol Channel serves as a water bridge uniting England and Wales. Thanks to Fred's kindness and an introduction by Bob Hollyman-Mawson, American and British cousins were brought closer together.

Our thanks to both for a greater understanding of our U.K roots.

Next article back to the States for some more amazing Holliman cousins....

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