Saturday, April 7, 2012

When We Were English, Part XXXVI

 Additional Clues to our British Origins
By Glenn N. Holliman

In the summer of 2011, cousin Bob Holloman infomed me that he had found a reference on the web to a work held by the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth. It was entitled "Hollyman, A One-Name Study, Volume I" and was written by Bob Hollyman-Mawson.

Encouraged by our American Bob to make contact with the English Bob, who lives in Carnarvon, Wales, I subsequently achieved this aim on Facebook.  After a favourable response, we corresponded via email, which resulted in a visit to the west Welch country by yours truly in November 2011. 

 Robert Hollyman-Mawson has proved a wealth of family information and put me into contact with other Hollymans in the U.K.  His work also gave me an essential clue as to the American Holliman’s origins in England, an important piece of information I discuss in the next posting.                     
Bob Hollyman-Mawson, left in photo, has an organized and comprehensive collection of records on the last 400 years of his Hollyman ancestors.  Pictured are just a portion of his volumes of meticulous research maintained in the study of his Carnarvon, Wales home.

Born in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England, Bob has lived all but a few months of his life in Wales in historic Carnarvon where the Princes of Wales are invested.  A Royal Navy sailor in his youth, he is active in veteran organizations and is an avid student of U.S. Civil War history.  A Hollyman descended through his mother and grandmother, he has amassed records of Hollymans (and associated spellings) from around the world.  Bob is now preparing materials to post on his future website in due course.

Carnarvon Castle over looks the harbour of this former Roman settlement, the most western outpost in Britainnia of that ancient empire. The white building to the left of the archway is called the Anglesey Hotel, which overlooks the Menai Straits and the Isle of Anglesey.  This is where I stayed the night during my visit to Carnarvon.

 Below are the ruins of a Roman settlement now looking west to the city of Carnarvon.  On this 1,800 year old site are the remains of the Segontium Roman Fort, which reposes both adjacent to and across the way from Bob's place of residence.
Carnarvon, a historic Welsh city which incorporates thousands of years of human habitations, reminds American Hollimans of the complexity of our British heritage. We are composed of Neolithic, Celtic, Roman, Angle, Saxon, Jute, Danish, Viking and French Norman DNA.  

Mix this together, stir for several thousand years and one becomes British.  Sail to the New World, add yet more cultures and races, plus several hundred additional years and one becomes an American.

More on Bob Hollyman-Mawson and his insights in the next post….

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