Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some Notes on a West Alabama Family by Laura Vonceil Duckworth, Reform, Alabama.

This is the third article in a series of four postings on the family and ancestors of Laura Vonceil Duckworth, a descendant of Christopher Holyman (1618 - 1691) of Isle of Wight, Virginia. 
Wearing a shirt seen all over Alabama every autumn is Vonceil Bonner Duckworth with her husband of almost 50 years, Lonnie Morris Duckworth.

 " I married Lonnie Morris Duckworth on 14 December 1962.  Our children are – Kenneth Morris Duckworth (7 February 1964) and  Michael Keith Duckworth (19 November 1967).

My siblings are as follows:

Dewey Max Bonner married Dorothy Faye Holliman, daughter of Kenneth Holliman, son of Frank and Kesta Howard Holliman in June 1958.  Their children are Wanda Faye Bonner Hicks (13 May 1960), Franklin Max Bonner (12 April 1964), Camelia ‘Millie’ Diane Bonner Elkins (15 September 1961) and Jeffrey Dale Bonner 8 December 1965)."

Shelby Marie Bonner married Allen Wilson McDaniel.  They have one child, Allen Mitchell McDaniel. 

Johnnie Bonner married Charles Babb, and their children are: Steven Gregory Babb, Kristen Michelle Babb Hill.  

Jimmy Keith Bonner’s  two children are Amanda McDaniel Sullivan and Brandon Keith Bonner. 

Clayton Gregory Bonner married Linda Ann Junkin Bonner (now divorced).  Their children are Jason Gregory Bonner and Lezlee Ann Bonner. 

Frances Marilyn Bonner married Jimmy Donald Elmore.  Their children are: Jacy Elmore, Jared Donald Elmore and Jala Dawn Elmore.                                          
 Above, Tyler and Tim, twins, and their cousin, Lauren Duckworth

Tyler, Tim and Lauren Duckworth are our grandchildren.  The twins are the children of our son Kenneth Morris Duckworth and Judy Renee Gray Duckworth, now divorced.  Lauren is the daughter of son Keith and Amy Duckworth.  Through their Holliman line, these grandchildren can trace their lineage all the way back to the Tutor age in England."  

Next posting, some timeless wisdom from a Lamar County, Alabama sage - Vonceil's mother!

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