Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Louisiana Hollemans

by Glenn N. Holliman

The Family of Sidney Anthony Holleman, Jr., Well Written and Neatly Bound

Last spring on a tip from Joe Parker, ace Holliman family historian, I discovered a volume of family history by a distant cousin in Texas, one Dr. Sidney Anthony Holleman, Jr.  By email I contacted Dr. Holleman and after covering printing and mailing costs, a 197 page tome on the Hollemans (or Holyman, Holliman, Holiman, etc.) arrived.

It is a handsome book, well bound and paperback, but certain to last in one's library for generations to come.  Dr. Holleman researched the work, obviously for years, and published it in 2004.  While later research has eclipsed some thoughts on our English roots, Sidney calmly and carefully moves his branch of the family from Christopher Holyman, Sr. (1618 - 1691 and Isle of Wight, Virginia eventually to Texas, the state he claims as his birthplace.

His Hollemans, as have most branches of our family, followed the southern migration across the southland from Virginia to North Carolina to Georgia and by the Civil War to Louisana.  There the family became Roman Catholic and strengthened itself with some Acadian DNA.  By the turn of the last century, the family had GTT - Gone to Texas! There Sid's parents raised him and where he has raised his own family.

If there is an 'e' as the second vowel in your Holliman name, you will want to obtain this book. Respecting Dr. Holleman's privacy, if you wish to contact him, send me an email and I will put him in touch with you.

Even if you don't have an 'e' in your name, you will appreciate the time, effort and family lore that has gone into this work.

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  1. Hi Glenn, I'd like to get a copy of Sidney Holleman's book. How can I do that?
    Susan G. White