Monday, September 5, 2011

When We Were English, Part XXIX

A Look at the Holymans of Worcestershire
by Glenn N. Holliman

During my visit to the Worcestershire Archives I explored several volumes.  My first was Wills and Administrations , Volume 1, 1451 – 1600 by the Worcestershire Historical Society, 1904.  These names are indexed for wills as follows. Unfortunately transcripts of the wills have not been published thus requiring, eventually, a look at all the wills to build a family tree.

Spellings of towns vary as certain names were spelled by sound.

1541 – Richard Holyman, Sturbridge.
1553 – Thomas Holyman, the Elder, Lye. (Leigh).
1558 – Elizabeth Holyman, Lyghe (Leigh).
1575 – Hufrey Holyma(n), Blakesall, Wolverley.
1582 – Thomas Holyman(n), Woluley (Wolverley), a M. bond to Alice Stower.
1593 – Thomas Holliman, husbandman, Lyghe (Leigh).
1596, Nov. 23 –William Holliman, victualer, St. Peter’s, Worcester.
1597, Feb. 13 – Thomas Holliman, husbandman, Leigh.

The parish church of St.  Edburga  at Leigh, Worcestershire.  Holymans must lie in the church cemetery.

Then from Wills and Administrations, Probate Registry of Worcester, 1601 – 1652, one finds:

1607 – Roger Hollyman, labourer, Kidderminister.
1608 – Thomas Holliman, husbandman, Leigh.
1610 – John Holliman, Purshullgreene.
1611 – Humfrey Holleymon, yeoman, Wolverley.
1614 – Ann Hollyman, widow, Leigh.
1627 – Samuel Hollyman, Wolverly.
1629 – Francis Holliman, Chadisley (Chaddesley) Corbertt, a scythesmith left a total of 82 pounds (A sizeable sum in the 17th Century.  A scythesmith was a metalworker.)
1642 – Richard Hollyman, yeoman, Leigh.

Next post, a few more Hollyman names and some thoughts....

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