Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When We Were English, Part XXVII

by Glenn N. Holliman

Last June, with the help of Bedfordshire family historian, Peter Smith (photo below), we explored the Bedfordshire, England Archives.  

In addition to our reading microfilm of 17th Century parish records, the archivists (see photo below) open the files of the almost 400 year old Bishop’s Transcripts (copies held by the dioceses of parish records). 

 I held the transcripts and viewed the names of Christopher and Judith Holyman (see below), born in 1618 and 1621.  The father’s name is given as Thomas.

If there be any question about the authenticity of these two persons, that is put to rest.  

Is this then truly the Christopher who sailed to Jamestown and inhabited the Isle of Wight County?  Were there other Christopher’s in England at this time?  Can we find more evidence to support the Bedford thesis or disprove it?

Can we find the birthplace of Thomas Holyman who married in 1609 and sired Christopher Holyman, born 1618?  When did this Thomas die and where?  The parish records do not tell us, yet.

Are there other places and archives in England to investigate?

Let’s keep looking….

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