Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Hollimans of Alabama

by Glenn N. Holliman

Back to the 19th Century...A Series of Articles on the Hollimans and Related Families of Fayette County, Alabama

One of the more unusual stops on our April 9th, 2011 excursion was a visit to memorial for some Hollimans who fought in the Civil War.  While not a burial spot, a well-meaning distant cousin ordered and set up near the William Bailey Holliman home a series of memorial stones honoring James Franklin Holliman, John Thomas Holliman, Uriah Holliman and Elijah Holliman.  

Future generations, please be aware many of the dates are incorrect and some facts are wrong on the stones.
Surveying the memorial stones are left to right, Joey Holliman, Tommie Holliman Allen, Faye Gardner, Jeanette Holliman and Tyler Duckworth.  A front view of the stones reveals an old barn in a collapsed state in the background.  Pictured below are Bill Holliman and Robert Holliman.

The date on John T. Holliman's stone is incorrect.  He died in 1930.  While these are not grave sites, one notes that several of these persons did not come home.  Elijah Holliman died not at  Petersburg, Virginia, but rather at La Grange, Georgia of typhoid fever. He is buried there having served with the 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers.  Uriah Holliman died in Okalona, Mississippi along with his son, Charles Daniel Holliman.

                                                                James F. Holliman is NOT buried in this plot but in the Stewart-Holliman Cemetery.
                                                                  Uriah Holliman was born on July 6, 1816, in Lancaster County, SC. He married Mary "Polly" Lucas in
Tuscaloosa County, AL on Aug. 31, 1836. Performing the ceremony was the Rev. John Walters. Mary was 17 years old. The couple later settled southwest of Bluff in Fayette County, where government land records show that Uriah received patents for more than 320 acres in the late 1850s. Uriah joined the Confederate Army in 1861 at the age of 45! He was Pvt. Uriah H. Holliman, Co. B of the 9th Alabama
Battalion of Volunteers, 26th Regiment, CSA.

He died of measles and pneumonia at Okolona, Chickasaw County, MS, on May 8, 1862, attended by his wife until death. Their son, Charles Daniel Holliman, same military unit, same place, died on May 12, 1862, of the same diseases. Their grave sites are unknown but probably in the Confederate Cemetery in Okolona, MS. Fayette County, Alabama. - Information provided by Dr. Rhodes Holliman, great, great grandson of Uriah Holliman.

I leave this blog up as a caution to those who stumble on the stones near Bluff, Alabama sometime in the future.  They are not accurate.

Plan now to attend the Holliman and Associated Families Genealogical Round Table at the Fayette County, Alabama Civic Center, 10 am to 3 pm, Saturday, October 15, 2011. For information and reservations for lunch, contact Glenda Norris at or Glenn Holliman at  Sessions to include Tracing the Holymans from England to Alabama, Holliman Farm Sites in Fayette County and sharing of information on Associated Families.  All invited!

More Holliman sites of Fayette County in the next post.

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