Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hollimans of Alabama

by Glenn N. Holliman

Back to the 19th Century...A Series of Articles on the Hollimans and Related Families of Fayette County, Alabama

    Warren Holliman (1833 - 1908), A Civil War Veteran of the 41st Alabama Infantry Regiment
Above Warren Holliman (1833 - 1908) took a .58 mini-ball to the arm on August 17, 1864 during the siege of Petersburg, Virginia, knocking him out of the Civil War.  At age 29, he signed up for the conflict with his relatives and neighbors with the 41st Confederate Alabama Infantry.  This storied regiment was at Stones River, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Richmond and Petersburg before surrendering with General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox, Virginia in April 1865.  After three months in a Richmond hospital, Warren was sent home in November 1864, his war effectively over.  Photo and information from the extensive files of  Dr. Rhodes Holliman, family historian, and Vonceil Duckworth, descendant of Cornelius Holliman.  More on Warren and his military adventures in later posts.

Above on a warm, sunny April day, 2011, Bill and his daughter, Joey Holliman, look for Holliman grave stones at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Fayette County, Alabama.  Warren Holliman and his two wives are buried at Chapel Hill (see previous article).   Bill Holliman, a multi-great nephew of Warren, is a 3rd great grandson of Cornelius Holliman (1792 - 1862). 

 Now living in Mississippi, Bill grew up in Irondale, Alabama, a grandson of Ulyss (1884 - 1965) and Pearl Caine Holliman (1887 - 1955), who migrated from Fayette County to Jefferson County in 1917 to take advantage of employment opportunities in the Birmingham area.  This migration from rural Alabama communities to metropolitan areas accelerated during the World War I era.  Today, descendants such as Joey and Bill return to Fayette, Lamar and Tuscaloosa Counties to discover family roots and stories.

More soon on the Fayette County family tour led by Glenda Norris, a 4th great grand daughter of Cornelius Holliman.

Plan now to attend the Holliman and Associated Families Genealogical Round Table at the Fayette County, Alabama Civic Center, 10 am to 3 pm, Saturday, October 15, 2011.  For information and reservations for lunch, contact Glenda Norris at or Glenn Holliman at

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