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Ulyss and Pearl Caine Holliman Descendants

by Glenn N. Holliman

Christmas in Alabama 1946
A Gathering of the Children and Grandchildren of Ulyss and Pearl Caine Holliman

World War II was over and the soldiers, sailors and airmen had come home to new families and careers. At Christmas time 1946, my Grandmother Pearl Caine Holliman, employed a photographer to come and photograph her family using the new invention of flash bulbs. All her children and their spouses were home, again, for the holidays at 2300 3rd avenue, Irondale, Alabama.

Three of her sons (Melton, Bishop and Ralph) and one son-in-law,(Walter Cornelius) had served over seas during the war. Her fourth son, Euhal, was ordered to a pre-induction physical, but due to his age and number of dependents, he was never called. The other two son in laws - Robert Daly and Charles Ferrell were over age. During the war and in the two years after, all seven children of Ulyss and Pearl became parents, three for the second, third or fourth times (Vena and Robert Daly, Loudelle and Charles Ferrell and Euhal and Edna), and four (Melton and Ida, Bishop and Gerry, and Virginia and Walter Cornelius, and Ralph and Motie) for the first time!

The Baby Boomer Generation was underway, and would not cease for this family until 1956. Bishop, Virginia and Ralph all married during the war. Two of these three marriages would end in divorce decades later. The four marriages made in times prior to World War II survived until the death of the first spouse.

While many of my cousins have grown up enjoying and wondering about this photograph, many of the second cousins have not seen or studied it. Here it is along with commentary of the family. Any errors are mine alone; corrections and clarifications always welcome. There is another photograph made in 1950 which I am saving for another occasion.

Pause and reflect this Christmas season how joyful Ulyss and Pearl were to have this large family, safe and secure, around them that year as the world recovered from war. Imagine that this was happening in other Holliman and related families all across the nation. (Click twice and the picture will enlarge.)

Front row, left to right: Mary Daly holding her three year old brother, Robert W. Daly, Jr., Charles Halford Ferrell, next to his mother, Loudelle Holliman Ferrell who is holding John Melton Ferrell. Next are Euhal and Edna's twin boys, Jerry and Terry, and then Edna holding Jean Holliman. Standing tall is Pati (Hairston), Melton and Ida's daughter, and peeking behind her is Carolyn Ferrell (Tatum). Finally on the front row is Virginia Holliman Cornelius holding her first daughter, Nancy Carol Cornelius (Morton).

Back row, left to right. Vena Holliman Daly stands in front of her husband, Robert Daly, the parents of Mary and Bob. The Dalys married in 1928. Next Ida has her arm around Melton Holliman, her husband since 1932. The parents and grandparents of this large family are next - Ulyss and Pearl Caine Holliman, married in 1906, when Ulyss was 22 and Pearl 18. They are 62 and 58 years old respectively when this picture was taken.

Grandmother Holliman has her arm around Anne Holliman (Phillips), eldest daughter of Euhal and Edna. Euhal in the stripped tie stands next to his daughter, and just behind him is Motie, the wife of Ralph (tallest in back row). Their first daughter, Pamela, will be born in 1947.

Holding the four month old baby boy on the back row is my father, Bishop Holliman, and next to that baby (yours truly) and smiling broadly is my mother, Geraldine Stansbery Holliman.
Behind Gerry is Walter Cornelius, Virginia's husband, and at the far right, looking distinguished as always, is The Rev. Charles Ferrell, husband of Loudelle since 1935.

Twelve cousins are pictured in this December 1946 gathering. Mary Daly (Herrin) was the first born in 1931; the last born was my sister, Alice Holliman (Murphy) in 1956. Altogether, there would be 19 great grandchildren. Sadly, Grandmother Holliman who died in May 1955 did not live to hold all of them. She dearly loved her family.

Merry Christmas to all of us still living who were present that day and to the additional cousins, children, grand children and great grand children who have come after us! And a grateful and loving remembrance of those who were present in 1946 but who have left the family in this life. God Bless Us Everyone!!!

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