Monday, September 13, 2010

When We Were English, Part XVIII

by Glenn N. Holliman

The Will of William Holyman (1550 - 1623), Part I

In the Hertfordshire archives in Hertford, England, one will find several large rooms filled with books, manuscripts microfilm and photographs of local, family and national history. In the short time I was there, the friendly staff pointed me in several directions.

This brochure may be of help to those reading this blog. Click twice to enlarge.

While there I reproduced from microfilm the wills of Edward Holyman and his brother William Holyman. Before I post them and attempt to transcribe, let me share with readers the way our English alphabet looked in the late 16th and early 17th century. (See below)

This really is your great grandfather's alphabet! Yes, it is A to Z with several samples for each letter. Some are easy to identify; others are a mystery. It makes interesting reading. Will it get us any closer to the elusive John Holyman (1572 - 1650)?
(Again click the reproduction twice to enlarge.)

In Part II of this article, next posting, we will examine William's 1623 will from Tring.

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