Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When We Were English, Part XI

by Glenn N. Holliman

More on the Holyman Farm, Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, England

In the past few posts, I have been sharing information and photographs of a Holyman farm, described in some English sources as a former 15th century manor house. In the photo below is a contemporary plaque attached to one of the barms, now a residence. This sign celebrates the name of the farm and its most famous namesake, Brother John Holyman (1495 - 1558), a monk and later the Rt. Rev. John Holyman of Bristol. Photo by Barbara Holliman

Below from The Monuments of Buckinghamshire is a description of the 17th century thatched cottage that we have featured in previous posts (see archives). Click twice and the manuscript will enlarge.

The current owner of Holyman Farm, Mrs. Caroline Stonham, has prepared the following family tree of the Holyman family and others that lived on the property. Perhaps it is of some use to those studying deeply into our English past. Through it one may be able to connect the family to our other English ancestors reportedly from Tring and/or Bedford. Where there are no last names, insert Holyman. Again, click twice and the document will enlarge. Photos by Barbara Holliman

Next posting, more research on our English roots....

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